What to Pack for Las Vegas (Plus a Packing Checklist)

A 5 Day Guide for What to Pack for Las Vegas (Plus a Packing Checklist)

Head into Sin City with style using this template for what to pack for Vegas.

In May, Evan and I got to spend 5 fun and exciting days in Las Vegas, celebrating life and our ability to travel again. It was truly incredible and relaxing.

Nowhere could have been more opposite of Maui than Las Vegas, and we enjoyed every moment. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and I can’t recommend it highly enough as our experience there was nothing short of spectacular.

Whenever we take a trip, I can often get anxious about making the absolute most out of our experience. If I don’t, or there’s something we didn’t see that we wanted to, I feel like a failure. This trip, I went into it with high hopes and a lot of plans. However, I decided to taper back my approach and simply live in the moment, with Evan, enjoying our beautiful trip.

So today, I’ll be sharing:

  • Tips for easier packing
  • My packing list and daily outfits
  • A free printable packing planner for you

Let’s get into it!

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5 Simple Tips for Easier Packing

Choose a color palette

While packing for a fun trip can seem daunting at first, simplifying your choices always makes it easier. As you prepare for your trip, choose a color palette to base your packing around. This will simplify the packing process, as well as give you a vacation wardrobe that can easily be mixed and matched.

If you’re unsure where to start, focus on neutrals that are already in your wardrobe that you love. Denim, summer whites, and soft tans are a great starting point. Then, add in accent colors that you know will make you feel confident and match well.

While my color palette in this post is more consistent, it’s simply a guideline for you to use. Don’t feel bound by five or six colors, or feel like your wardrobe can’t deviate from what I listed below. It’s a way to simplify your choices without overwhelming your process.

Have a rough plan for your trip

It’s always easier to pack when you know what you plan to do. If planning isn’t your thing, you can still have an idea of what you’ll be doing in the mornings and evenings. This way, there aren’t surprise events that call for the party dress you didn’t pack.

In my packing guide above, you can make a rough plan for your trip and brainstorm. I’m the kind of person that resists plans and schedules at just about every turn, but I’m always grateful when I do plan. Even a little planning can go a long way.

Use a checklist

Make use of a checklist specific to you while packing for your trip. To make a personalized checklist, I find it’s helpful to start with your typical routines.

For example, a morning routine might consist of contacts, brushing your teeth, face wash, SPF, and your makeup. Thinking this way will help you pack what you really need and ensure that at the very least, your routines and essentials won’t be forgotten.

You can grab my carry-on checklist that I used for this trip listed above as well. It includes a lengthy list of basics and also spaces for you to insert your own necessities. The checklist made packing so much easier. It also gave me peace of mind as I referenced my checklist before leaving home, feeling confident I didn’t forget anything.

Focus on wearability

When you’re on vacation, you’re likely going out and exploring and enjoying great food. Making sure the items you pack are comfortable and wearable will be key to having a lot of options in your travel wardrobe.

For me, I have to feel like an outfit in order to be happy with what I’m wearing. This means setting an outfit plan helps, but what I want to wear can be highly dependent on my mood. Having a few comfortable but cute pieces in my travel wardrobe keeps away any outfit-related anxiety. For this trip, the oversized white shirt, denim shorts, jeans with stretch, and ribbed white dress filled those spots for me.

Vegas is designed to be deceptively close. This means on the strip the malls, shops, and restaurants are much farther away from each other than they seem at first glance. For any trip, it’s essential to have a pair of comfortable and versatile footwear that will go with most anything in your travel wardrobe. As someone who tried to make kitten heels work on the strip, I don’t advise it! A couple of solid footwear staples are a pair of white sneakers and a pair of neutral slide sandals.

Use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 method for packing

Overall, the idea is that you pack 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 dresses and 3 shoes, 2 bags and 2 bathing suits, 1 hat, watch, and sunglasses. Even if you deviate from this method to fit your needs, it’s unlikely you’ll majorly over-pack. There’s a great post here on this method.

Using this method for packing will ensure you have plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes we can get caught up on a particular item, hemming and hawing over each piece. This can lead to us packing in a way that ultimately limits our choices, creating a more stressful trip.

With this method, you have lots of options and it’s unlikely you’ll repeat an outfit (unless you want to). Knowing how to pack in a way that gives you a comfortable travel wardrobe without over-stuffing your suitcase is a life skill that will continue to pay in the future.

Thoughts Behind this List

It’s All Good

When we first booked and planned this trip, I had no idea what to pack for Vegas. Living on an island is wonderful, but most of the time I feel so isolated from what most people are wearing. I just have to hope that people are actually wearing what they post on Instagram!

After my initial packing anxieties, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a mix of styles while making our way around Las Vegas. I realized that it didn’t really matter what I wore, because everyone is out and doing their own thing. If you want to step out by wearing more revealing items – do it! If you want to stay in your comfort zone – do that! You won’t stand out (in a negative way) because there are so many people.

When planning what to pack for Vegas, lean into looks that are comfortable and fun for you. It will make your trip feel easier and turn your focus to the important things, such as eating good food and enjoying your vacation.

Relieving Some Packing-Related Travel Anxiety

One major thing that stressed me out about this trip was knowing I would want more stand-out looks for Vegas. I wanted to feel glamorous and fun! Being mindful of the impact my clothing choices make on the planet, I didn’t want to buy all new clothes to only wear them once.

Instead, I opted for ThredUp as a place to help me fill any gaps in my Vegas wardrobe. I ended up purchasing my two party dresses for under $20, which was a total win for me. Knowing what to pack for Vegas (or any trip) can sometimes be daunting. Relieving the pressure by picking up second-hand items will give your more options without straining your budget or the planet’s resources.

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Bodysuits / Dresses / Sets: Bodysuit: Target | White Dress: Mahina (similar) | Asymmetrical Nude Dress: Topshop* (similar) | Blush Sequin Dress: ThredUp* (similar) | Brown Knit Set: White Fox Boutique (top, skirt) | Black Bikini: Princess Polly Boutique (similar)

Tops: White Shirt: Evan (similar) | White Tube Top: Topshop* (similar) | Backless Square Brown Top: White Fox Boutique | Brown Halter Top: White Fox Boutique

Bottoms: Jeans: Levi’s | Pink and Brown Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Black Leather Skirt: Topshop* (similar) | Shorts: Levi’s

Accessories: Hair Scarf: Free People (similar) | Heart Earrings: Brinker and Eliza | Gold Hoop Earrings: Pavoi | Claw Clip: Tocess | Cow Print Bag: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Beige Baguette Bag: Gucci (similar, similar) | Tortise Shell Sunglasses: Dollger | Pink Sunglasses: Mosanana | Gold Necklace: Brinker and Eliza

Shoes: Brown Flats: Mahina (similar) | Heeled Thong Sandals: Steve Madden | Platform Sneakers: Converse | Heeled Woven Sandals: Nasty Gal

*purchased on ThredUp

Daily Looks – What to Pack for Vegas

Below you can find what I wore every day in Vegas. While planning, I roughly estimated that I would need comfortable and casual looks during the day and more elevated outfits in the evenings. Since I followed my packing guide (which you can download above) I felt confident that I could comfortably mix and match my travel wardrobe.

The heat in Vegas is notoriously intense. While it’s not as humid as Georgia or Hawaii, it’s pretty relentless. I focused on breezy, light clothes to keep me comfortable while out in the heat. The white shirt came in handy as a light layer to protect my shoulders from the sun, and to easily tie around my waist if I didn’t need it.

If cropped halter tops aren’t your jam, opt for looser-fitting clothes that can easily let a breeze in. Even as a heat-loving person, the sun in Vegas will make you quickly take refuge in the nearest mall or casino.

I hope you enjoyed this what to pack for Vegas packing list. In case you missed it above, you can download the 6-page packing guide below to give you a framework for planning your next trip.

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