My Quick Glutes, Abs, and Legs Workout for Summer

My Quick Glutes, Abs, and Legs Workout for Summer

Save time in your day by adding this quick glutes, abs, and legs workout into your routine for a strong body that feels great all summer.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”


Throughout my twenties, my approach to fitness has grown and changed dramatically.

While I used to be focused on high-intensity, impressive-looking, calorie-burning workouts, I found that those types of routines don’t stick with me. Also, I just don’t enjoy them.

Lately, my approach to working out has been to focus on what I actually want to do. To me, that’s the exercises that make me feel good, strong, and confident. This glutes, abs, and legs workout focuses on resistance training and low impact movements. I’ve been focused on what I can consistently do, rather than maxing out my energy for that particular day when I feel like it.

I’ve noticed a lot of gains in my body, as well as improvements to my mental and physical states. Spending just ten minutes on this workout routine makes me feel confident and accomplished. It’s a quick burn that gives me noticeable results and keeps me feeling my best.

In this post, I’ll walk you through my quick glutes, abs, and legs workout for summer. You can find the little equipment I use linked below. I’ve also included other low-impact exercises that are equally as important for my overall routine and can easily fit into your life.

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Ankle Weights (5lb)

This is the pair I own and use. Each weight is 2.5 pounds, so 5 pounds total. You can also pick up a 10 pound set if you need more resistance. Some reviews said these ran small, however I’ve never had an issue but it’s an important consideration if you have larger ankles.

Ankle Weights (2lb)

These ankle weights are lighter than those listed above at just 1 pound each, and are more aesthetically pleasing. Since these are lighter, they can easily be worn on walks and still look cute. You can also wear them on your wrists to get a low-impact arm workout throughout your workday.

Resistance Bands

This is the set of resistance bands I own and use. The set includes 5 resistance levels from light to extra extra heavy, though I mainly use the x-heavy and xx-heavy. They store in a small drawstring bag and can easily travel with you. These are not recommended if you have hair on your legs, as the rubber will stretch and pull at the hairs.

Fabric Resistance Bands

This set of fabric resistance bands come in three levels and are anti-slip. The insides of the bands are padded for comfort and increased focus in your workout. You can also feel confident that the straps won’t snap if you push them too hard. They are thick, durable, and washable so you can happily use them for years. The fabric also makes them comfortable for those with hairy legs as the fabric won’t pull at the hairs.

15 Pound Dumbbells

This is the pair I own and use. These weights are durable and feel like gym quality.

15 Pound Dumbbells

These dumbbells are a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Thick Yoga Mat

While a yoga mat isn’t completely necessary for this routine, I always find that I’m more focused when I bring my mat out. This one is non-slip, thick, and highly rated, so it is perfect for this routine and any other activity.

Workout Routine Mindset

I do want to say that I am in no way a personal trainer or even someone that’s especially motivated to work out. This workout is designed to be quick, low-impact, and resistance-focused. I was looking for a routine that was so simple that I could easily talk myself into it. I also wanted a routine that focused on working my legs, glutes, and abs.

Please feel free to tweak this routine to fit your own fitness goals and activity level. This is my regular routine, so some of the reps and weights may be too much (or even too little) for what you need. Make it your own!

I’ve found having a simple, short routine like this has kept me consistent for longer periods and overall feeling more accomplished.

Weighted Donkey Kicks

100 each side with 2.5lb ankle weights

If you’ve done any research to grow your booty, you know this is one of the best exercises to grow your glutes. Focus on keeping your core engaged to protect your lower back as you kick back. I always do these first because I want to have the most energy and endurance to put toward them. Once I’m finished, I already feel accomplished. This makes the rest of the workout feel easier and I’m more likely to finish it enthusiastically.


70 each side with xx-heavy resistance band

This exercise is amazing and makes you really feel the burn in a different part of your bum than the donkey kicks. Clamshells are my favorites because since you’re laying on the ground, you don’t have to focus on engaging other parts of your body. You can focus solely on engaging the muscle that the exercise is working.

Glute Bridges

70 reps with 15lb weight and xx-heavy resistance band

When you perform a glute bridge (though this applies to any exercise), it’s very important to focus on actively engaging your glutes. This exercise can feel easier because you can go through the motions without activating your glutes fully. At the peak of your bridge, focus on squeezing your glutes and making sure they’re engaged. If not, you’re not getting the most out of your workout, energy, and time.

Crab Walks with Resistance Band

70-100 reps with x-heavy resistance band

Crab walks are killer and amazing at strengthening your hamstrings and glutes. The key is to get as low as you can and hold that squat position while walking side to side. Each step counts as one rep. This is typically my last glute/hamstring exercise, so I push myself to failure which is usually between 70-100 reps.

45 Leg Lifts

3 sets 15 reps

My lower abs are pretty weak, and this is one of my favorite exercises for building muscle and strengthening my core. I place my hands under my lower back so that I don’t strain the muscles there. Focus on squeezing your lower abs and leveraging them as much as possible to pull your legs up.

100 Crunches

2 sets 50 reps

While crunches have a bit of a bad reputation for being an easy go-to ab exercise, I love them. I find that when I’m doing crunches on a regular basis with a focus on feeling fatigued in my abs (the burn is real) I see results more quickly. I always try to squeeze them into my workout for an extra burn.

50 Weighted Side Dips

50 reps each side

Your obliques are likely one of the most undertrained parts of your core. With a little focused work and attention, strengthening your obliques will cinch in your waist and help define your core.

Other Supplemental Low-Impact Exercises


Yoga is essential for me to stretch the muscles that attach to my (incredibly tight and painful) IT band. I love it for maintaining overall strength and balance and helping me feel connected with my body. It aids in reducing daily aches and pains, and forces you to relax and breathe for just a few moments of your day.

Some days I practice self-guided yoga based on what my body needs. If I’m really looking for a challenge, or don’t want to think about what pose is next, I love using Glo yoga. It’s an online subscription that offers classes in yoga, pilates, and other low-impact strength training.


Of everything on this list, walking is my absolute favorite exercise and outdoor activity. It gives me time to calm my mind, meditate, and forces me out from behind my screens. I usually try to go for an hour walk 3-4 times per week, depending on my schedule. I have a favorite trail that I frequent which is slightly hilly, so my legs get a workout there too.

Final Thoughts

I was hesitant to share this fitness routine because I am by no means a professional. This is a glutes, abs, and legs workout routine that I’ve recently incorporated in my life and been consistently loving. I really enjoy how it makes me feel and I wanted to share it with you in case you wanted to add some of these exercises to your own routine.

What exercises are a must-have in your fitness routine?

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