Essential Denim for Spring & Summer (+ a Denim Essentials Checklist)

Essential Denim for Spring & Summer (+ a Denim Essentials Checklist)

Embrace cool girl style and stock up on your essential denim. Grab your list of essential denim jeans, jackets, and other key wardrobe pieces.

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I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. So I wear jeans.

– Cameron Diaz

Having a great selection of denim can give your wardrobe so many timeless, wearable options. Since its introduction as a workwear staple in the late 1800s, good denim has become as essential in your closet as a basic white t-shirt or little black dress.

Now that we’re all adjusting to the new normal and what that means for our daily lives, comfort and effortless style are more important than ever. I’ve often found that when you’re in something that makes you look good, it’s that much easier to feel good too. These days, whatever gets us to feeling good a little faster is always a win for me.

Today, we have so many options when it comes to denim. From high-waisted, curve-hugging fits to casual low-rise and wide leg, you can find wardrobe staples that you’ll wear for years to come. I rounded up some of my favorite denim for the coming seasons, as well as a few reasons to incorporate a little more denim in your closet.

Favorites from this post:

  1. Women’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans
  2. Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Jacket
  3. Sleeveless Tapered Crop Denim Jumpsuit

Outlasts Trends

While a lot of popular pieces make us feel uninspired in a year or two, denim is different. Unlike popular colors or cuts, denim serves more as a blank slate to layer other aspects of your personal style. You can find a good pair of jeans, jacket, or shorts in an array of colors and cuts. Plus, denim has evolved to fit modern needs and still flatter most body types. Denim has greater staying power in your closet, and it’s rare to see styles change drastically in a span of just a couple of years. After all, skinny jeans have been the default style since 2008, and it’s only recently that we’ve seen a major shift away from this form-fitting style.

Focus on Comfort

While there are different types of denim, the blue jean material that we are used to is pretty forgiving. Today, denim is often made with a bit of elastane. This provides the once-rigid fabric with a bit of stretch for a more comfortable, curve-hugging look. It also gives women and men a greater selection to find a denim piece that both looks and feels pretty great.

Effortless Style

If there’s one thing the best ladies in fashion always have a good collection of, it’s jeans. Watching any fashion girl’s closet tour, you’ll be amazed at the stacks of jeans in her closet that she insists are all different and unique (looking at you, JLo). If you have a great selection of denim that suits your body shape in your closet, your options are nearly limitless.

Never Feel Over Dressed

Denim is the perfect way to plan for an uncertain dress code. A good pair of jeans can easily go from a dinner out with friends to a backyard barbecue, depending on the wash you choose. Having one or two pairs of jeans that are more polished, without rips or tears, will give you more pairing options with nice blouses in your closet. They also provide an effortlessly cool look that translates well to more upscale occasions.

The Essential Denim Checklist

No matter your size, shape, or height, you can find denim that looks great and makes you feel confident. If you’re looking to improve your denim selection, I put together a list of denim basics to help you round out your wardrobe. These are all items I have in my closet and wear consistently. If there’s one place in your closet you shouldn’t neglect, it’s your denim. Grab your checklist below and get started!

Levi’s Women’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

These jeans are one of my newest purchases and I’m in love! The are extremely flattering, comfortable, and perfect for spring and summer.

High Waisted Levi’s with a Frayed Hem

Frayed hem shorts are pretty popular this season. The distressing on these shorts gives a more laid back casual feel, making them perfect for all the fun you plan to get into this season.

Levi’s Vintage Overalls

This is your super easy go-to denim outfit for spring and summer! Undeniably classic with a straight leg fit, these overalls are perfect for chores around the house, errands in town, and everything in between.

Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Jacket

This oversized denim jacket looks great on everyone. It’s the perfect light layer for chilly evenings and casual days out.

Essential Denim Levi’s Vintage Shortalls

If where you live is super hot in the summer months, shortalls may be a fun addition to your denim collection. With a slightly oversized fit and rolled hem, they are the perfect casual denim piece to get you through the sweltering days.

White Classic Denim Shorts

Of this list, white denim shorts may be the easiest addition to your denim wardrobe this season. Wear with a white tee for a monochromatic look, or even pair with an oversized blue denim jacket to offset a Canadian tuxedo. There’s something about white denim that’s undeniably summer and you’ll likely find yourself wearing them all season long.

Sleveless Tapered Crop Denim Jumpsuit

If you already have a decent selection of denim but want to add more fun pieces, this jumpsuit is for you. Layer over shirts and turtlenecks during the transitional seasons, and wear alone when it’s hot. The best part about this jumpsuit? You just throw it on and then you’re done.

Essential Denim Dress

This denim dress is an easy piece that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Wear it alone or layered with a shirt and tights. Dresses can be a challenge in windier locations, and the heavier denim fabric will ensure that your dress stays put no matter where you are.

HIgh-Waisted Paper Bag Denim shorts

These paper bag denim shorts pair comfort and length beautifully. The high, cinched waist draws the eye to the smallest part of your torso, while the stretch makes it big meal friendly. The distressing makes the shorts feel a bit more casual, so they’re perfect for summer days.

White Denim Mini Skirt

A white mini skirt is one of my favorite additions to my wardrobe. Much like a pair of white denim shorts, a white mini skirt is a fun twist on a classic denim skirt.

Top: Cider | Belt: Mahina (similar) | Skirt: Everlane | Jacket: Target | Necklace: Target | Sunglasses: Amazon | Bag: Farmer’s Market (similar)

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