Make This Simple Anthropologie Initial Pendant DIY (+ a DIY Download)

Make This Simple Anthropologie Initial Pendant DIY (with a DIY Download)

Embrace artisanal style without the price tag with this bold, big, and bright Anthropologie initial pendant DIY.

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I don’t know about you, but I always love what I’m wearing a little bit more when I made it myself.

The other day I was participating in one of my favorite procrastination activities: scrolling through the jewelry department of Anthropologie. This super cute beaded initial charm caught my eye, but I was shocked when I saw the price.

$188 DOLLARS?! (Actually, it’s on sale now for a low $129)

So after a cursory search on Amazon I found that I could pick up everything I needed for this DIY (and make extras for friends and family) for less than $35. Plus, I would have the materials to make other pieces of jewelry in the event that another high-priced, artisanal piece caught my eye.

So if you love DIYs and are itching to make something new, wearable, and cute, keep reading for the how-to. Don’t forget to download the free Anthropologie initial pendant DIY guide below!

Grab Your Guide and Get Started

While working through this DIY, I realized I did not have the time, materials, or energy to make all 26 letters of the alphabet. Instead, I created this guide that illustrates how to form each letter along with best practices. Every letter is listed and the guide details how many lengths of wire, how many beads per letter, and where to attach your lobster clasp.

The letters I made with the materials listed roughly measure to 2 inches or 5 centimeters each.

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What You Need for This Anthropologie Initial Pendant DIY

Materials quick list: Beads | Gold Wire | Lobster Clasps | Wire Cutters

Natural Crystal Beads (8MM)

These beads are available in 34 different colors and color combinations.

Lobster Clasps and Jump Rings

16 Gauge Wire

Wire Cutters

How to Make This Initial Pendant

  1. Start by clipping a length of wire. Use more than you think you’ll need, as the additional wire will help you twist the end.

2. Go ahead and place your jump ring on the lobster clasp. Set aside.

3. Start beading your letter. This process will look different depending on the letter you are making. My quick guide attached to this post illustrates how to form each letter, how many beads you need, and where to attach the wire and clasp.

4. As you add beads to your wire, note where the lobster clasp goes. Thread the lobster clasp onto the wire as you would a bead. This is easier than opening/closing the jump ring.

5. Once you’re finished beading a length of wire, use the extra wire on the end to help you twist the section next to the bead. After it’s twisted, cut your wire as close as possible to the twist with your wire cutters.

Tips & Tricks to Make This Anthropologie Initial Pendant DIY a Success


As with most DIYs (in my experience at least) this one has a slight learning curve. Unless you have experience working with jewelry, it may take a minute to get the hang of making your letters. I did my best to make it easy for you with this guide, however you may still need a little time with the materials.


For this DIY I wanted something sturdy. I chose a 16 gauge wire, which got the job done. The larger wire gauge did make it a little more challenging to thread the beads, but overall worked well and I’m confident will hold the shape of the letter. After referencing the product photos from Anthropologie, it appears the wire gauge used there was larger. I would recommend an 18 gauge wire if I were to do this DIY again.


If you use a 16 gauge wire like I did, you may find that some of the beads are difficult to thread. In some cases, straightening the wire made it much easier to work with. In others, the bead simply wouldn’t budge. There are a lot of beads in the pack, so simply switch out the difficult beads for ones that thread more easily. Don’t force them onto the wire.


This is a DIY like any other, so imperfections are part of the charm. Focus on having fun and don’t aim for exact perfection.

Materials quick list: Beads | Gold Wire | Lobster Clasps | Wire Cutters

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