5 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Neutral Wardrobe

5 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Neutral Wardrobe

Embrace more colorful hues in you neutral wardrobe and have a little fun with these 5 easy ways to add more color to your closet!

5 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Neutral Wardrobe

Are you afraid of a little color in your closet?

I know I used to be.

While it’s easy to moon over the new color of the year, adding it to your wardrobe can be a different story. When I used to see color, I had one thought: “It won’t go with much, and I’ll be tired of it soon.”

This often limited my ability to try new and fun pieces, because my closet was mostly white, gray, black, and beige. I thought color was impractical, and didn’t convey how serious I was about my wardrobe and closet options.

As it turns out…color is pretty fun. (Who knew?)

It’s understandable if color makes you uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s unclear if we’re really into a color, or just influenced by social media and top designers. However, adding more color to your existing wardrobe is a great way to mix up your go-to outfits and have more fun in your closet.

If you’ve been inspired by more vibrant hues lately, now is a great time to explore your options. The warmer seasons embrace color and can give you more ideas of what color you want to add to your closet, and where.

Keep reading below for my favorite simple ways to add more color to your closet.

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Embrace Popular Seasonal Colors & Patterns

While we don’t want to fall victim to only trends, it’s always good to keep an eye out for what colors are popular. Today we’re seeing some Y2k colors filtering back through. You will likely see a lot more of bubble gum or pastel pink, sage green, baby blue, and vibrant yellow this year. If you find yourself attracted to these hues, capitalize on their availability now so that you have plenty of styles and options to choose from.

Tie Dye Set

Rainbow Stripe Cropped Polo Top

Play Up Your Accessories

It can be a challenge to spend on a trendy cardigan in a popular color that you may be tired of next year. Having fun with colorful accessories can help you incorporate brighter hues without a huge commitment. You can pick up a selection of colorful beaded necklaces, or even a bright handbag or two.

Colorful Beaded Necklaces (Pack of 6)

Neon Statement Bag

Sage Green Bag

Colorful Sunnies

21 Fun Sunglasses for People Who Can’t Be Trusted with a Fancy Pair

Start from the Top

You can add fun color to a more neutral wardrobe by focusing on hair accessories. Bright clips and hair scarves can make your basic uniform look intentional, modern, and fun. I talked a lot about hair scarves in this post, and I also did a round up of my favorite overall hair accessories over here.

5 Cool Girl Hair Accessories for You to Try Today | The Easiest Way to Dress Up a Ponytail Hairstyle (Budget Friendly)

Hair Clips

Satin Scarf

Don’t Forget to Thrift

Before you head to your favorite thrift store, take a moment to jot down what exactly you’re looking for. Think colors, patterns, and textures. Picking up a more outspoken piece of your wardrobe second hand will take the pressure off of you to wear it constantly. This reduces the overall cost per wear and alleviates any potential guilt if you don’t wear it.

If you prefer to thrift from home, you can try searching sites like ThredUp, Poshmark, and Depop. At these places you can shop for specific secondhand items or more modern pieces.

Polish and Shine

You can add a playful pop of color that you don’t have to live with forever by sporting some of the season’s most popular colors on your fingers and toes. Try temporary press-on nails through Static Nails, or a gel-style manicure with Ohora. I’ve been such a fan of the lilac shade I picked up last summer that I’ve been wearing it on my toes all year!

Essie Polish – Baguette Me Not

This nail polish makes my toes look like little Easter eggs and I love it!

Bright Nail Polish Set

Gel Polish

Top: White Fox Boutique | Jeans: Topshop (similar) | Bag: Princess Polly Boutique | Pearl Necklace: Urban Outfitters | Earrings: Amazon | Beaded Necklace: Amazon | Sandals: Urban Outfitters (similar)

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  1. Gorgeous photos are great ideas! I always find that a simple bright hair accessory or nail polish is the way to go to take baby steps out of your comfort zone and you can gradually increase the colour from there!

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