The Easiest Way to Dress Up a Ponytail Hairstyle (Budget Friendly)

The Easiest Way to Dress Up a Ponytail Hairstyle (Budget Friendly)

Highlight your favorite ponytail hairstyle with a selection of hair scarves to match any outfit, vibe, or color scheme!

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When it comes to easy, lazy, go-to hairstyles, ponytails and buns are typically at the top of the list.

Since these are considered “lazier” styles, you might find yourself feeling insecure or simply less confident when you wear them out.

Thankfully there’s a simple solution to this problem, and it’s easy too.

3 Reasons to Pick Up A Few Hair Scarves

Hair scarves are pretty much the unsung heroes of any accessory collection. No matter how lazy or down you feel, tossing one into your hair has a transformational quality that’s just too easy to pass up. The inevitable compliment or two doesn’t hurt, either!

Adds Fullness

Having thicker hair is aspirational for many of us, but improving the thickness of our hair can often be a painful and expensive process. Instead, you can trick the eye by taking up more visual space in your hair. Adding a long hair scarf will blur the line between your hair and the fabric, making your ponytail (and head of hair) appear thicker.

Feminine Touch

Nothing says feminine quite like highlighting your distinctly feminine features. Whether you’re sporting sweatpants and a hoodie, or an oversized t-shirt, a hair scarf will add a feminine touch that will make you feel pretty without sacrificing comfort.

Flatters Any Outfit

No matter what you’re wearing, you can easily tie in a hair scarf to your ponytail, braid, or even use as a headband. With more inexpensive options, you can have a selection of colors and patterns to compliment your style every day of the week.

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My Favorite Ponytail Accessory

I also wanted to share my magic ponytail hairstyle booster that I use to make my ponytail appear thicker. The mechanism is clear so you shouldn’t see it poking through your hair, and it makes a world of difference! I would say my hair is long, but not particularly thick. Below I’ve shared the link as well as my thoughts on the product.

The Pony Popper

PROS: it stays in place and holds my hair well. I like the noticeable volume I get from it and I can wear it all day without it hurting. It takes the tension off of my long hair so that my ponytail doesn’t get weighed down throughout the day.

CONS: This product doesn’t work miracles, so if you have thin hair I wouldn’t recommend it based on my own use and the reviews for the product. It does take a little more prep than the standard ponytail. It’s not ideal for high ponytails, and the teeth (if not put in delicately) can pull at the roots.

Pretty Patterns

Pick up a colorful scarf that is just as at home in your ponytail as it is tied to your favorite tote. Available in 41 different colors and patterns, there’s a scarf to fit anyone’s style.

A Colorful Bouquet

Don’t stress about your hair scarf coming out of your ponytail hairstyle with this set of scrunchie hair scarves in 9 different colors. At this price point, they practically pay for themselves.

Floral Dream

Embrace botanicals with this pair of floral scarves. Vintage-inspired and with a subdued color palette, they will go with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Soft and Pretty

Play into delicate neutrals with this 3 piece set of scarf scrunchies. The sheer material will give your ponytail a whimsical feel and the scrunchie won’t pull on your hair, making it comfortable to wear all day.

Neat and Pleated

Take your pleats off of your skirts and into your hair with this set of four scarves. These charming pleated scarves are a little different than others on this list, making them an eye-catching compliment magnet.

A Classic Bandana

Bandanas will never go out of style, and grabbing a few to tie in your next ponytail hairstyle (and anywhere else) will help you spice up your everyday look in the easiest way.

Pullover: Vintage (similar, similar) | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Sandals: Birkenstock | Bag: Farmer’s Market (similar) | Pearl Necklace: Urban Outfitters | Gold Earrings: Amazon | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Hair Scarf: Free People

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