21 Fun Sunglasses for People Who Can’t Be Trusted with a Fancy Pair

20 Fun Sunglasses for People Who Can't Be Trusted with a Fancy Pair

Embrace a pair of fun sunglasses this spring and summer with these bold inexpensive styles that will turn heads and make you feel confident.

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You know what really takes the fun out of a beach vacation?

Losing your beloved pair of $300 sunglasses.

Whether you are relaxing poolside, playing in the ocean, or just running errands, it’s likely we’ve all had a pair or two of sunglasses go missing.

While I’m a big fan of quality wherever I can get it, sunglasses are one of those accessories that always gives me pause. They are one of the most often misplaced or lost items, and it’s hard to rationalize spending a ton on them.

The good news is, there are so many well-made designer dupes and durable cute sunglasses available today for less than $20. You can happily sport the latest styles without the added dread of potentially replacing a pair of expensive shades.

Favorites from this post:

  1. Rectangle with pink lenses
  2. Square wire framed
  3. Bold cat eye

Top designer dupes:

  1. Gucci Oversized Geometric
  2. Celine Classic Oversized
  3. YSL Black Heart-Shaped

21 Fun Sunglasses Styles

If you’re someone that has a habit of breaking or losing your favorite sunglasses – don’t worry! These styles are easy on your wallet so you can repurchase in the event that your shades grow legs and walk off (because that’s DEFINITELY how it happens).

Below I’ve listed 21 pairs of popular fun sunglasses that get top marks on Amazon. They are also a worry-free way to incorporate designer trends into your next beach trip or everyday errands.

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Oversized and Extra Large

Oversized sunglasses have made their appearance more than once over the past few years. Since major designers are embracing these more dramatic styles, we are seeing a ton more budget-friendly options that keep the drama on your face instead of in your bank.

These sunglasses are polarized and fantastic quality for the price. They even come with an eye glass tool in case you need to make adjustments.

These shades are a personal favorite of mine since I have a pair. They are very sturdy but can be a little tight around the temples. All things considered, these sunglasses are an amazing Celine dupe for so much less.

Grab these expensive-looking sunglasses that are lightweight and easy to wear. Available in eight colors and a crowd favorite, you won’t be disappointed with these statement shades.

Flat Top

This blast from the past style has made its way back into retailers. With its dramatic, heavy brow and large lenses this style is perfect for those who prefer larger styles. This retro style will keep you looking fashion-forward and make a statement.

These flat top shades have a nice big frame to block sunlight and don’t squeeze at the temples. They also don’t slide down the nose. Plus, at around $10 it’s no sweat if you happen to leave them in a public restroom (or is that just me?)

Be prepared to get tons of compliments and feel amazing in these shades. Comfy and practical, you can choose between 36 different buying options to make sure you look and feel incredible all the way through spring and summer.


A solid pair of square framed shades are perfect if you can’t decide what style to choose. Universally flattering and simple with a bit of flair, you won’t regret picking up a pair (or two) of this popular style.

Hang out by the beach or pool all day in these polarized sunnies. They don’t leave a line on your nose like other shades, and they’re super lightweight. If you’re someone who’s known to break sunglasses, these might not be for you as they are a bit fragile.

Shop this super trendy style for a fraction of the price with these simple rectangle shades. These fun sunglasses are very sturdy and hold up well to everyday wear, plus they look good on everyone. With 16 different purchase options, you’ll definitely find a pair that makes you look cute and feel amazing.

Tinted Lenses, Colored Plastic

While not always the most practical option, this style is the epitome of fun sunglasses. Perfect for creative photo shoots or to match with an outfit, you’ll turn heads and look cute with a fun pair of colored shades.

I love these shades! While they don’t offer much sun protection, they are very cute and come in five colors. I also have them in green!

This sturdy pair of weightless fun sunglasses add a playful touch to any outfit. You can snag a pair in 15 different shades and colors to match any outfit or color scheme.


This classic style of shades has been a little harder to come by in the past few years, but with a resurgence in larger sunglasses styles we are seeing more aviators with a modern twist. They are a personal favorite of mine that have been worn for years, and I’m so excited to pick up some new variations for 2021.

Pick up a bold tortoise shell framed pair of aviators that are inexpensive and polarized. These are a bit oversized, but are a great addition to any die-hard aviators fans.

Pick up this classic Ray Ban inspired pair of aviators that will have people doing a double take when you explain they are only $11. Perfect for your next beach vacation, long commute, or a simple walk outside.


Cat eye sunglasses have been consistently reimagined since the 1950’s to give each iteration a different, modern feel. When sporting this style it’s easy to feel a bit of that mid-century glam.

Sport a little YSL style for less than $14 with this place heart-shaped pair of shades.

This classy and oversized pair of cat eye sunnies are a must-have for spring and summer. With solid construction and lightweight materials, you’ll be turning heads and fielding compliments left and right.

These incredibly comfortable oversized cat eye shades will become a seamless part of your morning commute. Especially flattering to heart-shaped and round faces, these fun sunglasses provide definition without being heavy.


Round sunglasses have become more of an eyewear staple over the years. Instead of the 1970’s teashades, round sunglasses now have an oversized silhouette that is universally flattering and great for eye protection.

These oversized round sunglasses will soon become your favorite go-to pair. With a bag for storage and a cleaning cloth, you can keep these sunglasses looking great. This shape also flatters all faces.

Make a statement with these eye-catching rhinestone rimmed fun sunglasses. Available in five colors, you may find they’re so popular with your friends that you need an extra pair.

Impress your friends and strangers alike with this pair of lightweight and comfortable round sunglasses. The flat face of the shades adds a point of interest to a classic round style, and these can easily be dressed up or down.

White Frames

Ew, David. Take one step to becoming the iconic David Rose of Schitt’s Creek with a pair of bold white-framed sunnies.

Stay with the times and pick up a pair of clout goggles. A bit whimsical and definitely high maintenance, these shades will turn heads from adults and teenagers alike.

Lean into the late ’60s with these trendy mod-inspired sunglasses. The white frames have a bit of a throwback flair, while the square shape keeps them feeling modern and in style.


This selection of geometric shades are a great purchase if you’re bored with more classic sunglasses styles. These edgy designs have a unique and modern construction that feels a bit different and fun.

These geometric frames are a great Gucci dupe for under $15. Lightweight while also being durable, these sunnies can easily take you from running errands to a beach vacation.

If you’re into a classic sunglasses style with a bit of interest, look no further. These geometric sunglasses have a classic gold wire frame and dark lenses that offer a twist on more classic

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