Easy Overnight Heatless Curls 3 Ways

Tired of spending time on curls that fall in ten minutes? Check out these easy overnight heatless curls that will stay all day and keep your hair healthy!

There’s something so satisfying about heatless, overnight curls. If you’ve labored over your locks with a hot curling wand suffering burns in the process, you know the lengths necessary for beautiful hair. Plus, waking up to hair that only requires a minimal amount of effort but looks like we put in A LOT just feels a little like Christmas morning.

Overnight Heatless Curls Benefits

I’ve spent my fair share of time in the bathroom trying to achieve the perfect Victoria’s Secret bombshell curls, only for them to fall fifteen minutes later. I’ve also lamented over my split ends, but couldn’t bring myself to endure my flat lifeless hair. Heat is terrible for your silky strands, so overnight curls are a great remedy for hair that just can’t take the heat (or doesn’t want to).


Since you’re not adding extreme heat to your hair to achieve curls, your hair stays healthier. This means less damage and breakage, leaving you with happier, shinier hair. Plus, you won’t deflate your curls by adding shine oil or hairspray while styling.


Because your hair dries in the shape of the curl, heatless curls will stay longer over a few days. Humidity and wind won’t affect your curls as much, so this method is ideal for hot, humid areas. Just ensure that you sleep with a hair wrap or with your curls pinned in a bun so they won’t be agitated throughout the night.


This is a big one! All of these methods are done the night before and only take 25 minutes or less. This means your precious morning minutes can be spent on more pressing tasks while everyone thinks your hair took hours (well it did…but you were sleeping).

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Easy Overnight Heatless Curls 3 Ways

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Overnight Heatless Curl Method #1: Viral Tik Tok Mermaid Curls

TIME: 10 minutes


  • Wet hairbrush or comb
  • Small spray bottle with water (if you have one)
  • 2 hair elastics
  • the belt of a robe
  1. Start by dampening the ends of your hair. You can either wet your hair with a spray bottle or brush through with a damp hairbrush.
  2. Next, take your robe belt and place it flat on your head, the ends of the robe even on either side of your head. Go ahead and shimmy one hair elastic up either end of the robe belt to secure the end of the hair.
  3. Starting at your part, wrap a 1″ section of hair around the robe belt twice. Repeat this process on that side, adding in a 1″ section and wrapping it twice (twice creates a firmer hold through the night). Brush the ends as you go to ensure a smooth curl. Once you’ve completed a side, use a hair elastic to secure the end of the hair.
  4. Continue by repeating the process with the opposite side of your hair.
  5. Once both sides are wrapped and secured, tie the ends of the belt on the top of your head. If they come untied through the night, your curls may be looser or come undone. Tie a comfortable knot with the ends of the robe belt that is also secure.

TIPS FOR BEST RESULTS: only dampen the ends of your hair that you want to curl. Your hair should be slightly wet but not dripping. If the hair is too wet, it will still be damp in the morning and your curl will fall. It may take some practice to find what works for you!

PROS: totally free (assuming you have a robe belt lying around), quick, comfortable while sleeping, hair stays in all night, face-framing curls

CONS: can’t section hair – leaving curls unevenly distributed, belt can come untied in the middle of the night, some sections may be curled tighter than others

Check out a video tutorial here.

Heatless Curl Method #2 – The Sleep Styler

TIME: 15-20 Minutes


  • Wet hairbrush or comb
  • Small spray bottle with water
  • Cozy curlers or the Sleep Styler

Products designed for overnight curls are ideal if you want a more even curl distribution. They are also developed and tested for this purpose, so you may like the quality of the curl more than the other two DIY methods listed here.

  1. Begin by dividing your hair into sections. Dampen the ends of your hair with a spray bottle or wet hairbrush. You’re looking for damp but not dripping.
  2. Taking your first section of hair, grab a curler with the velcro strap at the top and begin wrapping your hair away from your face. Try to get the curler as close to the root as possible without it pulling your hair.
  3. Once the hair is on the curler and you’re ready to secure it, wrap the velcro strap in the opposite direction of the hair (toward your face) as tightly as you can. Then secure at the bottom with the velcro and ensure the curl is tightly wound.
  4. Repeat step 3 with all other sections of your hair.

TIPS FOR BEST RESULTS: undo all of the cozy curlers or sleep stylers before you start with your hair. That way, you can just grab and go.

PROS: ability to section hair, made for overnight curls, uniform curls

CONS: can be uncomfortable while sleeping, sections of hair may come loose overnight, limited in number of sections based on curlers

Also try a similar product, Cozy Curlers. I haven’t tried them but they look promising!

Check out a video tutorial here.

Heatless Curl Method #3: Bobby Pin Buns

TIME: 25-30 minutes


  • Wet hairbrush or comb
  • Small spray bottle with water
  • 40+ bobby pins
  1. Start by dampening your hair and brushing through. Divide your hair into however many sections you desire. The smaller the section, the tighter your curl will be.
  2. Next, take your first section and twist it around around your index and second finger tightly. Swirl the section around itself and your fingers toward your head, until you are at the root.
  3. Then, remove your fingers from the section, pinning the bottom of the curl to your head with 1-2 bobby pins. Crossing 2 bobby pins over each other will ensure that your pins hold, but one can work as well.
  4. Repeat this process with each section of hair.

PROS: inexpensive, can divide hair into sections, control over hair section width and amount

CONS: bobby pins may be uncomfortable, less uniform curls, takes longer depending on desired effect.

Check out a video tutorial here.

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I hope you’ve been inspired by the easy overnight heatless curls listed above! Which ones are you most excited to try?

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