5 Cool Girl Hair Accessories for You to Try Today

A Sheer White Top + 5 Cool Girl Hair Accessories

Never have a bad hair day again with these 5 cool girl hair accessories!

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We’ve all felt the power of a good hair day. You walk a little taller, smile more willingly, and overall just feel better. Sometimes, it feels like sheer luck and you don’t know what you did, but you wish you could repeat it. Other times, it’s the result of a good deal of time and effort.

But as we all know, every day isn’t a good hair day. However with the right hair accessories, your day can be just a little bit better.

Having fun hair accessories can mix up your outfits and inspire you to to play around with new hairstyles. The hair accessories listed are pretty common, but with fun twists. When you don’t love your hair, sometimes the only thing between you and that extra bounce in your step is a velvet bow on your ponytail!


Bad hair day insurance

If your hair takes a lot of coercion to become manageable, a well-placed hair accessory will turn it into a compliment magnet.

More variety

Switch up your look and even mix patterns with hair accessories. They are an inexpensive way to add variety to your style.

Saves time

The perfect ponytail has a greater margin for error when you’re styling it with a cute bow. A messy bun looks very intentional when there’s a bandana attached to it.

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1. The Super Scrunchie

Hair everywhere is rejoicing thanks to super scrunchies. Scrunchies are a more hair-friendly alternative to the black hair bands, and look better hanging out on your wrist! You can expect super scrunchies to be a little bigger than your average scrunchie, hence the name. Give your pony a break by incorporating super scrunchies into your rotation.

Abstract Super Scrunchie | Tie Dye | Velvet | Sheer | Corduroy | Lilac

2. Headbands

Keep unwanted hair away from your eyes, or pull a few strategic pieces around your face. Headbands come in so many different materials, shapes, and sizes, you can definitely find one you like.

Leather Knotted Headband | Corduroy Headband | Sai Headband | Satin Braided Headband | Embroidered Headband | Molly Mini Headband

3. Headscarves

Headscarves are a great solution to roots that have seen better days. While strategically covering the top of the head, you can sport pretty patterns and designs.

Ellie Head Scarf | Printed Plaid | Bandana Headscarf | Paisley Headscarf | Penny Lane Scarf | Velvet Head Scarf

4. Clips

Put your hair up in style and tame messy strands with a stylish clip. These are great for any hair length, and can be more comfortable than the typical ponytail. Plus, there are so many different and fun patterns!

Gold Fleck Clip | Large Claw Clip | Ashley Acrylic Claw Clip | Snakeskin Print | Valet Claw

5. Bows

Bows aren’t just for little girls and cheerleaders. Add a gentle, feminine touch to your hairstyle with a velvet bow. Make a statement with a large bow and a low pony. Give a sad flat ponytail a little extra flair with a velvet bow (my personal go-to, I have two!).

Velvet Bow | Satin Bow | Gold Bow | Gray Velvet Bow | Leopard Print | Sheer Black

Top: American Apparel (similar, similar) | Jeans: Topshop (similar) | Sunnies: Amazon | Sneakers: Reebok | Socks: Here | Bag: Farmer’s Market (similar) | Earrings: H&M | Scrunchie: Target

Enjoy a good hair day every day with these 5 cool girl hair accessories!

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