How to Layer a Jean Jacket for a Warm Fall

How to Layer a Jean Jacket for a Warm Fall + 5 Tips for Layering Anywhere

Ever feel like you have a lot of clothing options but the thought of layering makes you nervous? Use these 5 great tips for how to layer a jean jacket for basic tips and tricks!

How to Layer a Jean Jacket for a Warm Fall + 5 Tips for Layering Anywhere

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Jean jackets are a timeless staple that are an easy layering go-to. They are one of those evergreen clothing items that can be worn appropriately year-round. As a result, there are so many fantastic ways you can get creative in your closet with the clothes you already have. Layering is such a fun way to breathe new life into your wardrobe by trying on your clothes in new, unexpected ways.

Experimenting with layering will give you more clothing options, greater confidence in your outfit, and save you money through the seasons.

So turn on your favorite Spotify playlist and have your own dressing-room-movie-montage using these 5 tips for layering a jean jacket!


1. Mix Up Your Styles & Fabrics

Because denim jackets are a classic wardrobe staple, you can experiment often with layering different styles. For example, choose items from your closet you wouldn’t immediately think about pairing with a denim jacket. Play around with prints, shapes, and heavier layers.

If you’re looking to create a casual and cool outfit, layer with more laid-back fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool. Conversely, reaching for rich fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin, and lace will provide a unique twist to more luxurious pieces.

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2. Take Photos

If you’re uncertain about layering a few pieces, try on the outfit and take a photo. Refer to this photo later in the day and the following days to gauge your feelings toward the look. If you’re still lukewarm, move on. If you like it, save it to an album so you have access to outfits that make you feel inspired.

3. Layers on Layers

After you’ve assessed your closet for styles that contrast with you denim jacket, you can turn your attention to the rest of your wardrobe. Try layering your denim jacket with items that have fun details to showcase. For instance, a faux fur collar on a cardigan, the gold zipper of your bomber jacket, or the fun logo on your favorite hoodie. Also consider layering your denim jacket unbuttoned under a large winter coat for a celebrity-in-NYC look. Try layers that you definitely don’t think will work, just to be sure!

4. Adjust the Fabric

This may sound simple, but knowing how you can manipulate an item of clothing gives you more wearable options. Below I listed some of my go-to ways to adjust how I wear my denim jackets:

  • Roll up and push up the sleeves
  • If wearing over a large shirt or sweater, pull the sleeves so they show at the wrists under the jacket
  • Wear over the shoulders, sans arms like a cape
  • If a cropped fit, button the bottom button. Pull the collar down around your shoulders so they’re exposed.
  • Button and wear pulled down over one shoulder
  • Put a belt over an oversized denim jacket to cinch the waist
  • Worn off the shoulders, at the elbows (great for photos)
  • Tied around the waist

5. Assess Popular Current Styles

Currently, there are two distinct styles of denim jackets that are wildly popular. The first is the oversized trucker fit, like the one I’m wearing. The oversized style was made popular this year by the push for more casual denim jacket uniforms. Not only can you shop from both men and women’s sections for the style, but it’s also an excellent way to dress down fancier pieces. The second popular fit is cropped, with the jacket hem hitting just above the hips. Unlike an oversized fit, cropped styles are universally flattering since they typically hit at your true waist. A cropped denim jacket can be especially eye-catching as a matching set, either with a pair of jeans or matching skirt.

Incorporating a trendier style of denim jacket is a great way to keep your closet feeling current. Because denim is such a classic, it shouldn’t feel too far from your comfort zone.

Dress: Forever 21 via ThredUp (similar) | Sheer Sweatshirt: American Apparel (similar, similar) | Bag: Gucci (similar, similar) | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Jean Jacket: Target | Earrings: Urban Outfitters

While there is no right or wrong way to layer a denim jacket, these 5 tips will give you inspiration and ideas to show you how to layer a jean jacket with ease!

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board: Denim Jacket | How to Style

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