5 Quick Tips for Styling an Oversized Tee

An Oversized Tee & Bike Shorts + 5 Quick Tips for Styling an Oversized Tee

“An oversized tee? With bike shorts? Groundbreaking.”

– Miranda Priestly, probably

Of all the comfort styles featured this fall, oversized tees and bike shorts take athleisure to a new level. These tees remind me of the oversized t-shirt trend that I used to see my mom and cousin sporting in the ’90s, an oversized tee style made popular by Princess Diana.

Now if you’re new to the style, putting an outfit together with an oversized t-shirt can be pretty overwhelming. It can make you look twice your size, a little unkempt, and even shorten your frame. So why would anyone want to wear them? The quick answer – they are affordable with so many options!

My favorite popular styles are always the ones that are most accessible to people. These tees are available at any price point, however I recommend scouring your local thrift shops for some cool finds. Don’t ignore the men’s sections (see my vintage men’s tee below under tip #2)!

Below you can find my top 5 tips for styling an oversized tee, since you probably already have one begging to be worn this fall!

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Tip 1: Balance Proportions

A rule of thumb I always use before stepping out of the house is checking my proportions. If the top is oversized, opt for a fitted style of bottoms. This is partially why bike shorts are an easy go-to when wearing oversized tees. You can also tuck it into a pair of high waisted mom jeans to get even more balance.

Tip 2: Tuck & Fluff

Wear your cropped styles into fall, even with an oversized shirt. Put on a tighter-fitting bra or bralette (I’m wearing this one) under your shirt and tuck the tee into the waist. Once your shirt is tucked, you can pull the fabric and fluff until you get your desired look.

Tip 3: Tie It Off

Another waist-cinching style, tying your oversized tee into a t-shirt knot. My post how to tie the perfect t-shirt knot will show you how to get that perfect knot without stretching out your shirt.

Tip 4: Have Fun with Layers

One way to ensure your oversized tee doesn’t look frumpy is to layer with another fall style. This could be a sweater vest, sweatshirt, or even a corset. There are so many great options!

Tip 5: With a Blazer

Blazers are the fall staple gift that keeps on giving. Create a cool and unexpected pairing by layering a modern blazer over an oversized t-shirt. Wear with sneakers, statement boots, or sandals and you’ll feel Instagram ready.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Amazon | Sneakers: Reebok | Socks: Here | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Earrings: Urban Outiftters | Bag: Gucci (similar, similar)

Don’t let an oversized fit scare you away! With these 5 quick tips for styling an oversized tee, you can feel comfortable and sleek all day.

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