A Pleated Plaid Skirt & Comfy Sneakers + 10 Affordable Plaid Skirts for Fall

Woman in white crop tshirt, round ray ban sunglasses, and green plaid skirt with sneakers on coast

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I don’t always get excited when old trends come back through (looking at you, low rise jeans), but I did do a mental happy dance when I started seeing pleated plaid skirts popping up on my Instagram feed. I became a cheerleader in middle school mainly for the pleated skater skirt, so maybe they just have a nostalgic place in my heart.

Whatever the case, mini skirts have been appearing often boasting a print that *most* of us can get behind: plaid.

It’s the kind of print that can fold easily into your closet, no matter what style you lean toward. Adding in a few of the season’s trendy colors, and even pairing it with a popular shoe can make the plaid skirt feel new.

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The possibilities with plaid skirts are virtually endless, which makes them pretty great. They are also a fairly easy piece to adopt and incorporate in your wardrobe to make it feel fresh without diving into a new trend that may or may not feel like you.


I’ve rounded up ten affordable fall plaid skirts (from $13-$128) to show how varied the styles can be depending on where you shop. Lately I love the callback vintage plaid skirts you see often on Urban Outfitters. Trendy and more current iterations that reflect brighter colors like you see on Princess Polly Boutique appeal to my colorful island life while still making me feel like I’m dressing for fall.

Whether you’re gearing up for a chilly fall and winter, or incorporating fall trends into a wardrobe designed for warmer temperatures, you will find plenty of styles and colors to choose from!

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What trends for the fall have you been eager to get behind?

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