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August Faves - Too Polished

August 31, 2018

Another month, another faves post!

August was pretty good to Evan and me. The temperatures showed a hint of coolness, I started running again, and Chompy continues to improve. All good things!

Like most people, I am SO excited for all the Fall fun coming up. My birthday is at the beginning of September so it’s always been something I look forward to!


I shared my DIY for how to make a faux leather toiletry makeup bag. This thing holds a ton and the material is easily folded for travel, so you can be sure to have everything you need. I’m also making a couple to sell on my Etsy shop.

I finally got around to making this DIY Maxi Dress from A Pair and a Spare. I wasn’t disappointed! I originally wanted to make it in black but after finding this dress I wanted to go with an olive green as a fall toned color. I’m excited to play around with the pattern next Spring/Summer in a more decadent fabric, like silk!

I love getting inspired by other DIY bloggers, check out my favorites!


I’ve been planning a major overhaul in my sweaters for fall, and I’ve fallen in love with styles from & Other Stories (well, all of their clothing) and Everlane.

Before Summer is over, master the perfect t-shirt knot.

With hurricane season upon us, why not check out 5 Hairstyles for a Rainy Day?

Finally master the art of styling the oversized t-shirt by checking out 7 ways to wear an oversized t-shirt!

I’ve also been totally obsessed with these earrings since I got them. Such a unique and modern statement piece!

This blouse would be perfect for fall!


I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with my eyebrow makeup lately, and I came across this video last week as a tutorial for “Model Brows.” I usually don’t indulge in these types of videos because I try to stray away from trendy makeup, but since I’ve been looking for a new routine I decided to give it a go. Man, was it worth it! I purchased this brow gel and this pen duo and I’ve seen a world of difference. It takes a little longer, but I don’t mind it on days when I want to put in a little extra effort.


My fitness game improved even more this month as I added the gym back to my routine. I’ve started to enjoy running more and more as a way to burn excess energy/stress and spend the hour reading a book I love. Since I started revamping my fitness routine, I put together a list of 10 ways to stay motivated to workout. These are all things that definitely helped me and could help you get back on track, too!


I’ve always been really interested in Coco Chanel’s life and body of work, and I realized this month that I’ve never read much about her. I got this book for my runs at the gym and it provides an intimate look at Chanel’s upbringing, life, and successes as well as plenty of distraction for my tired legs!

I’ve also been reading Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and though it’s a dryer read, helps me identify what it was about Chanel and other’s that made them such a huge success (hint: it wasn’t just hard work and talent!).

I’m on the hunt for any and all books that are just SO GOOD or have changed your life in some way, so please send on your recommendations!


I discovered this amazing vegan brownie recipe, they were all gone in two days!

For healthy lunches I’ve been opting for smoothie bowls. This one is my new favorite!

. . .

Annnnd hello September! What have been your favorite things this month?

Thanks for stopping by!



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