A DIY Toiletry Bag

A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too Polished

August 21, 2018

I’ve been on the hunt for a good toiletry bag for a while, but none really struck my fancy. It’s one of those situations where you have a vivid idea for what you want, but nothing really seems up to snuff. So, I decided I’d make my own and show you how to make yours, too!


A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too Polished

1/2 Yard of Upholstery Faux Leather

1/2 Yard of Black Interfacing (optional)

Fabric Scissors

Black Thread (or thread color of choice)

9″ Zipper

Sewing Machine

. . .


A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too Polished

Cut material to the measurements.


Iron your interfacing onto the back of your material. This will function a the lining to your bag.


A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too PolishedFinish off the raw edges of the tops of the small sides and the sides of the zipper end by using a straight stitch at the 4 setting. You only need to do the tops of the small sides as the other edges will be concealed in the bag.


A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too Polished

Sew the sides of your bag to the zipper. Conceal the ends of your zipper with the zipper end piece finished in the last step. Cut this piece in half so you have two zipper end pieces. Place these pieces on top of the zipper (when it’s outward facing) on either side as you sew. When you finish, your bag should look a little like a butterfly.

If you need help sewing the zipper (or are relatively new to it) this tutorial is very helpful!

I chose not to top stitch my bag here because I prefer that look, but the zipper does splay out when I open it. If you prefer a top stitch over your zipper, you should do that at this step.


A DIY Toiletry Bag - Too Polished

Sew the bottom of the bag to each side with about a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Be sure to backstitch at each start and stop. Continue sewing the bag together like the image above.

My material doesn’t fray, so I didn’t finish off the edges inside my bag. If your material frays, you will want to finish the edges at the end of this step.


The end with the zipper closure (where the zipper stays when the bag is closed) should naturally pucker in on the side. For the opposite side (where the zipper sits when the bag is open) sew together the top of the small side of the bag and your zipper end strip. This step doesn’t have to look perfect as you won’t see it when the bag is open.


Turn your bag right side out and voilá! A chic toiletry bag.

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