15 Places to Shop for your Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Going to work can be a pain, but getting dressed doesn’t have to be!

In my corporate days, it took me some time to realize that the closet of my dreams didn’t exactly translate to an easier time getting dressed. 

I was so excited to fill my very adult, walk-in closet with all the clothes I could manage. Getting dressed in the morning would feel like the opening montage of The Devil Wears Prada, and I would be the glamazon living my best life, and never repeating an outfit. 

I was surprised to realize that as my closet expanded, the time it took me to get dressed increased, as well as my anxiety.

The reality is that when it comes to getting dressed, a greater variety of clothes can sometimes hinder us from making choices. Since most of us don’t have much leisure time before work, this can become a big, stressful problem.

The Solution to Morning Wardrobe Overwhelm

The most effective strategy for me became to simplify my work wardrobe. Instead of buying every item that would fit in my budget on sale, I turned my focus to my current closet. Over time, I gave away, sold, or donated the items that made me feel anything less than prepared for my work day.

After some dedicated months using this method, I was hit with another surprise. The attention I gave my closet, even just by taking things out of it, made me feel more confident and excited about my wardrobe.

Even if you’re suspect of a capsule wardrobe as a full-on way of life, embracing this method for your work wardrobe can do a few things for you:

  1. Give you simple, repeatable outfit recipes to easily change up outfits without any thought.
  2. Put an emphasis on clothing items other people notice (like a floral blouse) and embrace the ones they don’t (like black pants).
  3. Save time in the mornings knowing your wardrobe is cohesive, so you aren’t making any risky outfit choices or color combinations.
  4. Exude an effortless style that will communicate professionalism without being distracting.
  5. Give you peace of mind that while your workday may be hectic, your wardrobe is one less thing to worry and think about.

Where to Shop for Your Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Listed below are some of my favorite brands to shop for a business casual capsule wardrobe. These companies embrace simple design and the working woman, so their clothes are made with busy workdays in mind. You can easily shop from several of these brands and end with a cohesive, versatile wardrobe that might just get you excited for you 8am meeting.

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Everlane boasts exceptional quality, ethical factories, and transparency in their pricing so you can be sure to get the best quality for your money. Customers leave many reviews on the items purchased and include details like their hight, weight, bust size, and size purchased to help you make the best purchase decision. They design and make clothes that are built to last, so it won’t fall apart in a matter of months. One of my absolute favorite stores!

What to buy: t-shirts, pants, sweaters.

Pricing: $15 (t-shirt) – $250 wool coat.

Shipping: Free U.S. Shipping on 2+ items. Free Returns


I think J. Crew may have written the book on bright business casual! If your style is more on the brighter, preppy, and more feminine vibe I absolutely recommend checking them out. J. Crew Factory also has an assortment of blazers that are sure to last years (I still have a few) and typically run less than $100 with the sales they run.

What to Buy: Pencil Skirts and Blazers.

Pricing: Less than $130.

Shipping: $5 Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping on Purchases of $100+.


If you’re in the market for basics (like a J. Crew blazer) but have a limited budget, try checking this secondhand site. You can ask questions to the seller, get measurements, and plenty of photos so you know what you’re buying is exactly what you want. I love checking here for items that are out of stock or trendier pieces I don’t want to pay full price for.

What to Buy: Gently worn mid-range pieces.

Pricing: Varies.

Shipping: $6.95, sometimes $4.99 depending on seller.


If you have your eye on designer pieces but don’t want to pay the high price tag, check out The Real Real for amazing discounted pieces.

What to Buy: Designer Pieces.

Pricing: Varies.

Shipping: $5 Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping on Purchases of $100+.


Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 3.02.49 PM

The always cheeky AYR (All Year Round, pronounced “air”) makes seasonless essentials designed for everyday life. Their basics are anything but, and with all items designed and made in the US, you can feel confident wearing this ethical brand. With a waitlist of 600 people for one tee, this brand’s basics are a cut above the rest and they won’t go unnoticed in your office.

What to Buy: Denim and blouses.

Pricing: $55 – $700.

Shipping: Free Shipping.


MM. LaFleur strives to take the work out of dressing for work. With chic, modern pieces designed with work in mind, you’ll find many basics that will keep you cool and comfortable all day. You can also try on their items risk-free by ordering a bento box of a handful of items and send back what you don’t want.

What to Buy: Modern Dresses and Basic Bottoms.

Pricing: $45 for a tank – $395 for a Trench.

Shipping: Free Shipping.


Naked Cashmere specializes in cashmere and works to bring you this luxe fabric for less.

What to Buy: Cashmere Basics.

Pricing: Ranging from $115 to $275

Shipping: Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders.


Banana Republic has long been one of my favorite stores to find basic and trendy pieces at a great price.

What to Buy: Blouses and Dresses.

Pricing: $50-$200

Shipping: Free Shipping on Orders $50+.


Of Mercer designs classic pieces that will take you from the office to after dinner drinks in five seconds flat.

What to Buy: Classic modern dresses.

Pricing: $100-$200.

Shipping: Free Shipping.



What to Buy: Modern Minimalist Dresses and Blouses.

Pricing: Most Items are Between the $50-$100 Range, with Some Going Up to $250.

Shipping: Free Shipping on US Orders $50+.

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Kit and Ace makes it their mission to sit down with real people to find solves for the things that are getting in your way. They seek out the problems hidden in everyday clothes, and then design solutions for those pain points—and make the solutions beautiful.

What to Buy: Skirts and Pants.

Pricing: $88 – $200

Shipping: Free Shipping


Designed for women on the go, Ministry of Supply will get you through your commute and looking fresh for a day at the office.

What to Buy: Blazers and Classic Shirts.

Pricing: $85 – $275.

Shipping: Free Shipping



What to Buy: Affordable Silk Tops in Many Colors.

Prices: $50-$200.

Shipping: Free US shipping for orders over $75.


Modern Citizen is a brand and destination for the modern woman —
with thoughtfully designed and curated fashion, beauty, and home goods.

What to Buy: Classic & on trend basics in wearable neutrals.

Prices: $50-$200.

Shipping: Free US shipping on orders over $80.


What to Buy: Basic button-down blouses and printed pants.

Prices: Less Than $50.

Shipping: Free US Shipping on Orders $70+.

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Where are your favorite places to shop for business casual pieces?

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15 Places to Shop for Your Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

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