A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee

A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee - Too Polished

August 16, 2018

The t-shirt under a dress isn’t a look I’ve been a fan of for very long, and I think it’s because it makes me feel childish (like I’m not mature enough to show a little shoulder). BUT in the interest of making my capsule work for me this summer, I thought I would give it a shot. The truth? I love the result! After wearing this dress out (sans white tee) I realized I made the straps a bit too long. The struggle is real when you don’t have a dress form and have to eyeball it! I haven’t gotten around to alterations yet, so pairing this dress with a white t-shirt made it wearable again. The t-shirt under dress look is a great go-to when you have some sultry slip dresses in your wardrobe that don’t always feel appropriate for day wear. Looking back, the only thing I would change when making this dress is for it to be a little shorter. If you saw this post yesterday, you’ll know that I prefer my dresses to be slightly above the knee and this one just missed the mark. BUT I was looking at Extra Petite’s latest blog post, and I realized if I shorten the straps a little (maybe a lot) then it will hit me right where I want it to.

I’m enjoying this time in my style where I’m taking the pressure off myself to always fit the ideal beauty standard I was brought up believing in, and to let loose with outfits that dress down my femininity. Taking photos is a great way to gauge how you feel about a look, because it’s an unbiased view of what you’re wearing. It matters a lot how you feel in the outfit, but sometimes that can be impacted by how we think we look. If you’re not feeling confident in an outfit, pose in your apartment and set up your camera (or have a friend take a photo) so you can see yourself and really figure out how you feel.

A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee - Too Polished

A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee - Too Polished

A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee - Too Polished

Shirt: Everlane | Dress: DIY | Sneakers: Reebok | Bag: Morocco (similar) | Sunnies: H&M

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One thought on “A Shirred Dress Over a Simple White Tee

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this t-shirt under this dress! I think it’s such a cute way to make an outfit more approriate. I always wear a t-shirt over my dress and tie it with a little knot. I always forget about the posibility of wearing a t-shirt underneath. Might wear a dress this way tomorrow!

    xo Logan

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