Your Foolproof Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Dresses

A Foolproof Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Dresses - Too Polished

August 15, 2018

One thing I never imagined myself saying: I love wearing dresses with sneakers!

Growing up, I was a girly-girl with tomboy interests. One thing that was never a part of my daily wardrobe was sneakers. I considered them boring and uninspired, and I would rather spend my very hard-earned money on vintage Trotters and heels.

As we grow and change, so does our style. One development I didn’t expect? That I would love sneakers. I know it sounds a little crazy because literally everyone and their mother loves sneakers, but I always figured why dress down when I could dress up a little? That’s basically been my attitude my whole life (hence – Too Polished). Anyway, incorporating sneakers more in my wardrobe has really opened my mind to the possibilities, and with THREE WHOLE PAIRS of sneakers in my closet I can proudly say that I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it.

I’ve been working to figure out how I can make sneakers work with every dress I have in my closet, and while brainstorming I put together this guide to wearing sneakers with dresses. Keep on scrolling to see my best tips!

A Foolproof Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Dresses - Too Polished


I like to use this guide to help me find what skirt length is most flattering for me, and then adjust from there. Since I’m only 5’4″, I prefer to wear an above the knee dress with sneakers. If you’re taller, you can get away with more midi styles, too! Or, you can forget the rules and wear what you love.


When it comes to dress styles that look best with sneakers, you want to opt for more casual pieces with a bit of feminine flare to add just the right amount of difference to the look to keep it interesting and fun.


A Foolproof Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Dresses - Too Polished

Floral Fit and Flare Dress | Striped Bodycon | Denim Dress | Wrap Dress 


Since pairing sneakers with dresses is a fairly new trend, we want to keep them pretty simple. If you want color, opt for a white shoe with 2-3 other colors to reign in your look paired-down. I like to keep it basic with my Converse Monochrome sneakers, white Reeboks, and black Vans. If you’re new to this trend, starting with a classic white shoe will ease you into the look until you’re feeling brave enough to play with other colors.

A Foolproof Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Dresses - Too Polished

Nikes | Frye | Nylite | Rag & Bone


There is something to be said for worn, well-loved sneakers. When it comes to pairing with girlier pieces like dresses, it’s best to keep them as clean as possible to keep the look refined. If you have a few pairs of sneakers, maybe save one pair for dresses. This way, you won’t risk doing activities that may get them dirty and then have nothing to wear with your dresses.

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How do you like to wear sneakers with dresses?

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