Five Rainy Day Hairstyles

Too Polished Five Rainy Day Hairstyles

August 9, 2018

Getting outfit posts in the past few weeks has been a major challenge because we’ve had so. much. rain. I love curling up in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee reading a good book while it rains, but eventually there’s a point where you have to go outside. Since my hair does not cooperate in the rain, I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error to see what hairstyles work best for my short-ish hair. A lot of the rainy day hairstyle lists I’ve come always have some “easy” or “updated” form of a fancy style (like a French twist), but end up making my arms tired and hair worse than if I had done nothing at all (am I the only one that is hopeless when it comes to hair tutorials?!). I wanted to put together a list of actually easy hairstyles that I’ve been wearing all the time this rainy summer to keep your arms from being sore and to keep you feeling cute no matter what the weather.



Tame any frizziness or flyaways with a cute bandana headband! Put your hair in a ponytail and secure with an elastic, then fold a square scarf until it is about two inches wide and place the middle at your hairline and tie around the back of your head.

Too Polished Five Rainy Day Hairstyles


Simple, classic, and effective, the top knot has been one of my go-to’s all summer. Simply secure your hair with a hair elastic, twist the remaining hair around the elastic and fluff it out a bit, then secure with a bobby pin. It sometimes takes a couple of tries for me, but when I’m done I feel chic and stylish no matter what the weather is.

Too Polished Five Rainy Day Hairstyles


The low bun is my favorite new-to-me hairstyle this summer. My hair is finally at the right length to make this look really work for me and still feel polished. In case you can’t tell, I love wearing bandanas in my hair and this style is no exception! Once you make your bun, fold a scarf until it’s about two inches wide and tie it around the bun.

Too Polished Five Rainy Day Hairstyles


I like to think of this look as a sort of “graduated cheerleader.” It has a little bit of flare without looking like you’re trying too hard. All you have to do is put your hair up in a ponytail, and fold a scarf until it’s about two inches wide. Loop the scarf through the underside of your hair elastic and tie it in a knot over you’re ponytail and your all set.

Too Polished Five Rainy Day Hairstyles


For a quick look you can haphazardly part your hair down the middle (or side part) from the front to the back of your hair, braid your hair in two sections, and secure them with an elastic. If you want to get fancy (and have an extra 5-10 minutes) you can make them French or boxer braids which will also help with any frizziness or flyaways.

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What is your go-to rainy day hairstyle?

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