My 5 Favorite DIY Bloggers

Too Polished Five Amazing DIY Bloggers

August 8, 2018

Growing up with big aspirations and a small bank account, if I wanted something done I had to get creative with the resources I had. This inspired an early love for vintage clothing and DIY crafts (especially those that pertain to fashion and home decor!). Since the DIY mindset was such a staple in my formative years, I took that attitude with me into adulthood (and onto this blog). The internet has so much inspiration, but there is a lot that goes into being a great DIY blogger. For me, I love seeing bright and clear photos, easy to follow instructions, and DIYs that pertain to my life (sans kids). This list is comprised of some very talented ladies that run incredible DIY blogs from fashion to home decor and everything in between.

There are a lot of DIY blogs out there, and as with most things not all are created equal. When I find a good blog (which isn’t the easiest, tbh) I hang on to it for dear, DIY life. After all, DIY is the best medicine!


Too Polished Five Amazing DIY Bloggers

I’ve talked about Geneva quite a few times on this space, and she might just be one of my favorites on this list. Her DIY projects range from home decor to really, really simple sewing projects that helped my gain confidence in my sewing abilities after taking a break from it. Her little corner of the internet is light and airy, you’ll find yourself staying there for hours just soaking in all the beauty! If you’re inspired by linen and rattan bags and chairs, this blog is for you!


Too Polished Five Amazing DIY Bloggers

Amy is the founder of Homey Oh My and she specializes in clean, modern, and minimal DIYs. Her blog is dedicated to modern style, a love for minimal design, and simple ideas for creative living.  Her aesthetic will catch your eye and her DIYs will keep you coming back for more. She covers DIY topics like how to organize your desk space, simple wedding favors, and even marbled soap. I love looking at her site when my apartment needs a little something extra and modern, but I don’t want to spend much in the process.



The Sorry Girls, Becky and Kelsey, have a popular Youtube channel under the same name, and they crush it when it comes to DIYs. When I think of easy DIYs, they’re one of the first sources that pops into my head. Their blog and Youtube channel focuses on putting their heads together to figure out how to DIY  this season’s trends using materials that are easy to access and instructions that are easy to follow. These ladies are a great source to turn to if your dorm room needs a little facelift or if you want to DIY a popular trend before buying (or not buying at all) the real thing!


Too Polished Five Amazing DIY Bloggers

Rayan’s blog the Design Confidential is focused on creating unique, detailed, outside-of-the-box tutorials for hand making gorgeous goods and furniture. Her use of unexpected materials and new and unique fabrication methods make her projects approachable, regardless of skill level. I really love how she tackles tougher DIYs like beds, tables, and couches in a manageable way. Evan and I made a table together when we first got married, and it would have been wayyy easier if I had found this blog then. If you have bigger projects in mind her blog is a great resource to minimize the overwhelm when it comes to handling bigger DIYs.


Too Polished Five Amazing DIY Bloggers

Casey and Bridget run the DIY Playbook, which is designed for practical and beautiful DIYs. While other blogs on this list cover things like hanging picture frames and fancy Easter eggs, these ladies offer a DIY approach to more daunting tasks around the home like installing subway tile and ceiling planks. It’s refreshing to see these things on a DIY blog, because often when looking up DIY videos on subjects like these, they’re always taught by men. These ladies give me confidence that I can handle any project without a man’s help (though Evan definitely makes thing easier!).

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Who are your favorite DIY bloggers?

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