July Faves

July 31, 2018

July has seriously flown by, can you believe it’s almost fall?!

All in all July was an awesome month on many fronts, and I wanted to share my favorite things with you all!


It has been all casual here lately. The temperatures are the hottest of summer (and we still have August, *sigh*) so keeping things light and breezy has been a must. My new maxi dress makes this super easy, and so has my comfy jumpsuit and this linen button down.

Since fall is my favorite season, I’ve been eying some nice colder weather pieces (too soon? nah.) like this cashmere sweater, and a nice pair of mary janes.

This leopard print skirt has been everywhere, what do you think of the trend? It’s been sold out almost all summer!

Also, I’ve been drooling over these enamel earrings from Lady Bird Jewelry!


I didn’t get around to doing any DIYs this month, but I did take in the waist of my favorite pair of shorts using this tutorial! They didn’t come out perfect, but for a first try I’m happy with the result. Do you struggle with jeans and shorts fitting your butt and not your waist? #thestruggleisreal

I plan to do some fun interior decor DIYs inspired by Block Shop Textiles this month!


I talked about eating raw vegan last month, and Evan and I are still going strong! We don’t eat exclusively raw, but putting our focus on eating 1-2 meals per day raw helps us get in more veggies and feel much better overall.

If you’re traveling this month (or if you’re just super busy) try making these DELICIOUS raw peanut butter chocolate protein balls! You can eat them on the go to get your sweet fix with a clear conscience, which is totally important.

If you need something a little cooler and summery, why not try this mixed berry sorbet?


Evan and I went to Colorado this month and we had so much fun! Check out what I packed for the five days we were there.

If you ever get bored in the airport, check out this list of 20 things to do while you wait for your flight.

Take the hassle out of packing your carry on by using this list of carry on items!

While you’re planning your next trip, take a look at this list of twelve tips for staying healthy and fit while traveling so that you don’t have to diet to recuperate from your holiday!

I talked about this product in my instagram stories, but I am seriously IN LOVE! Though it doesn’t seem like much, just a couple of drops in my daily SPF and applied directly under my eyes gives me a natural and balanced complexion free of redness while maintaining my skin’s natural texture (and not looking cakey). Sometimes I’ll look at myself in the mirror and wonder when I put on concealer (but I didn’t). It’s that good!

What are some of your favorite things from July?

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