A Workout Capsule Wardrobe

Too Polished - A workout Capsule Wardrobe

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Happy Monday! I’ve been revamping my fitness routine and working to find pieces that help me look and feel my best when working out. I wanted to share my capsule wardrobe for working out during the warmer months.

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Too Polished - A workout Capsule Wardrobe


01 | White Mesh Tank

02 | Purple Muscle Tank

03 | Always Hungry Tank

04 | Off White Tank

05 | Dark Grey Tank

06 | Coffee & Cardio Tank

07 | White Crop Tee

I love for my tops to be loose and playful whether I’m going to the gym or a hot yoga class. I find longer cuts most flattering, but I do enjoy crop tops as well.


01 | Black Leggings

02 | Off White Capris

03 | Nike Shorts

04 | Black Capris

05 | Floral Leggings

No matter what I’m doing, I almost always prefer leggings. They’re comfortable, cute, and it’s not a big deal if I forget to shave my legs! For hikes or outside activities I like to have a loose pair of shorts and these Nike one’s are perfect.


01 | Cross Trainers

02 | Sandals

I’m not a big runner, so these Nike cross trainers do exactly what I need them to whether I’m lifting weights at the gym or going for a hike. I love having my Birkenstocks for going to and from yoga because they’re comfortable and easy to slip on and off.


01 | Light Jacket

02 | Baseball Cap

03 | Polar Watch

04 | Backpack

When we travel to Colorado and experience weather cooler than we’re used to, a light jacket is good to have on hand. I loooove my Polar ft4 watch. I got it about 4 years ago when I first got into working out, and it comes with a chest strap for more accurate calorie counting. This helps motivate me during workouts and stay on top of my activity and nutrition.

What are essential items for your workout wardrobe?

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