20 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight

Too Polished 20 Things to do While Waiting for Your Flight

I’m a sucker for a good travel blog post or Youtube video. Even if I have not trips coming up, I still click because I always have the feeling of but what if there’s a really good tip that will change my whole experience?! Am I the only one that does this?

Traveling can come with a lot of stress and anxiety, but once I get to the gate all of that melts away. Then the big question comes to mind…so what now?

Usually Evan and I get to the airport super early – 2 hours for domestic flights, 3 hours for international flights. Because of this, we’ve never cut it close and always have plenty of time on our hands.

GET COFFEE: Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about getting coffee before a flight. It could be a flight at 8pm, or a flight at 11am. Flying and an amazing cup of my grande vanilla soy latte are synonymous in my book. Evan and I don’t usually go out and get coffee (I prefer my home coffee over anything), but I get so excited to have a cup while I sit and wait to board the plane. I try to finish it before we board because there’s usually a lot going on as people load their luggage in the overhead bins and everything is easier when I have two free hands.

GRAB A SNACK: The Atlanta airport is packed with delicious places to eat from the home grown Grindhouse Killer Burgers (with vegan friendly options!) to places like Einstein’s Bagels. I find flying on a semi-full stomach keeps me most comfortable and saves me from being hangry when we land.

GET SOME TRIVIA: I love trivia. We go to weekly trivia nights, and while I wait in the airport I like to pull up my Sporcle app or an app that has every country, capital, and flag so I can learn some geography. Nerdy? Maybe. But you can save yourself a doe-eyed expression when someone asks you what the capital of Belarus is.

FIND OUT YOUR MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE: I took the Myers-Briggs personality quiz when I was struggling with my corporate job and it helped me better identify areas where I’m struggling and made me feel less alone. I am an INFP and it was SO illuminating! Once you take the quiz, then you can obsessively read all the articles about your type (like me). You can take the free quiz here!

TAKE THOSE DUMB BUZZFEED QUIZZES: What Disney princess are you? What kind of potato are you? If you were born in the 1500s, how many kids would you have? These are questions that need answers.

LOOK UP COOL RECIPES: Thanksgiving won’t make itself!

TALK TO A STRANGER: You never know who you might meet at an airport. Exchange fun stories or even business cards! The possibilities are endless.

CLEAN UP YOUR PHONE’S PHOTO GALLERY: Those 500 selfies can find a new home in the trash folder.

LOOK THROUGH YOUR EMAILS: Delete unnecessary ones, unsubscribe to those you don’t need. Help your future self a little.

MAKE A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: Because you know you dread doing it.

CHECK OUT NEW ELECTRONICS: But don’t buy them at the airport (unless you’ve got that kind of scratch). I love looking at the latest phones, headphones, and other electronics.

READ ARTICLES: I have flipboard downloaded on my phone and tablet so I can check out new articles. You can set your preferences so you see articles in topics that interest you.

CHARGE YOUR ELECTRONICS: Because you know that 20% battery won’t last at this rate.

TAKE A WALK: Explore the airport. Try going into every store and stopping at every kiosk to look around.

PLAN YOUR NEXT TRIP: Get inspired to go somewhere new. Asking the people around you where their favorite trip was could be a good conversation starter as well! Check out cool Airbnbs or remote destinations. The time will fly by!

CREATE A SCAVENGER HUNT: You can create one for yourself or your travel partner.

ASK YOUR PARTNER THE 36 QUESTIONS TO FALL IN LOVE: If you’re traveling with a significant other, find a quiet corner (some of the responses can get intimate) and work your way through this list.

SLEEP: Use this time to catch some Z’s. Just make sure to set an alarm on your phone so you don’t miss your flight!

CLEAN OUT YOUR BAG/PURSE: Because you know that thing is messy AF.

CALL SOMEONE YOU LOVE: You know how you forgot to thank your grandma for the birthday card? Now is a good time to call and thank her.

Traveling can be difficult, but with the right plan (and lists!) in place you can travel like a pro. What do you like to do when waiting for your flight at the airport?

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Too Polished 20 Things to do While Waiting for Your Flight

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