A Summer Capsule Wardrobe

New season, new-ish capsule. 

I wanted to share what I’m looking at for my summer capsule wardrobe and how I’m feeling this season. This “capsule” is pretty small, and I don’t plan on taking a shopping fast or relying strictly on what is listed here, but rather go with how I feel throughout the season. I will do my best not to shop, but there are some pieces I have my eye on that I wasn’t able to get for this capsule. I will also be doing more sewing DIYs (like this maxi dress) that I will include as well.

Now…on to the capsule!



WHAT I DID: Planning this capsule was easier than the Spring, and I think that’s because in Georgia the seasons aren’t much different. I was more sure of the pieces I would be wearing and I feel like I’m settling into a style that makes me feel confident, pretty, and comfortable. I didn’t change things up too drastically, but rather built on the foundation I created in my Spring capsule. My focus was to incorporate more casual pieces (like the sneakers) into my wardrobe so that I can dress down any fancier pieces for everyday wear.

THE COLORS: I played it a little fast and loose with the colors in this capsule. I’ve felt really inspired by a more colorful palette, and I chose to use my DIY wrap skirt as the palette because the hues scream summer to me. I may revert to a more neutral palette in the colder months, but I will be living in color all summer long. summer2018capsuledressesandjumpsuits

My dresses for the summer are light, airy, and easy. I tend to lean more toward a cinched waist to balance my curves, but I couldn’t resist a satin slip dress for summer. The temperatures have been HOT so far, with nearly every day this week being 90+ degrees. So the cooler the fabric, the better. I have never owned a jumpsuit before and this black one gives me all the heart eyes! It’s a breathable light linen material with a tie waist (’cause that’s my thing) and the wider top balances my proportions nicely.

01 | DIY Shirred Dress (similar style)

02 | Satin Shift Dress (on sale!)

03 | Fit & Flare Dress (old, similar)

04 | Satin Slip Dress (made responsibly)

04 | Black Jumpsuit

05 | Jersey Dress (old, similar)


I’m keeping it pretty basic with denim this summer. I really wanted these pieces to feel polished but relaxed, and I think I hit the nail on the head. I would really love to make another wrap skirt in the same pattern as my floral one, so I may add that to this capsule as well. I really, really wanted a pair of the Everlane wide leg crop pant in bone, but they are all sold out (*cries softly*). I would love a pair of white jeans for summer, so if I find a good pair I may add them.

01 | White Shorts

02 | Denim Shorts (made responsibly)

03 | Denim Skirt

04 | DIY Floral Wrap Skirt (similar)

05 | Denim Crop Jeans


I relied much more heavily on sneakers this time around. I found myself wishing and wishing I had more versatile pairs in my closet, so I made it happen for summer. It’s funny, because even growing up I don’t think I ever had this many pairs of sneakers in my closet.

01 | White Sneakers

02 | White Birkenstocks

03 |Black Sneakers

04 | Black Slides

05 | Pink Sneakers

06 |Brown Sandals



My tops are pretty colorful and different this summer since a few of them are DIY tops. I incorporated more dresses into this capsule so I decided to bring less tops into it. When it comes to tops I tend to rely on the basics (the t-shirts and camis are worn non-stop!) so I thought I would give a smaller top selection a try this go-round.

01 | DIY Shoulder Tie Top (similar)

02 | Madewell Central Shirt (similar color)

03 | DIY circle top (similar)

04 | DIY shoulder tie top (similar)

05 | Thrifted Linen Button Down (similar)

06 | Thrifted Silk Tank (similar)

07 | Chambray Halter (similar)

08 | Everlane White Tee (made responsibly)

09 | White Cami (sold out, similar)

10 | Everlane Black Tee (made responsibly)

11 | Black Cami (sold out, similar)


And there you have it! A summer capsule wardrobe all wrapped up in a neat and tidy blog post. What’s in your capsule for summer?

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