DIY Hollow Face Earrings

Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

Hollow face earrings have all but taken over my Pinterest feed lately, and I can’t complain. Though my style is more classic and minimal, I can appreciate the simple aesthetic of these statement earrings. Plus, there are so many different ways to design them, I thought I would put together a DIY for you to put your own spin on this earring trend.

The DIY below is a guide to creating your own hollow face earrings, but don’t be afraid to play around and see what kind of styles you can come up with!


Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

Glue Gun

Wire Cutters

Silver or Gold Beading Wire (I used 16 gauge)

Rhinestones (I chose black)

Earring Hooks


01 | Start by clipping approximately 10 inches of the beading wire with your wire cutters. This may vary depending on the size that you want your earrings, but it’s best to start with more and cut the excess.

02 | Beginning with the bottom left of the face, begin to curve your wire into the eye shape. I used my fingers to curve the wire as it’s very malleable, and I wouldn’t recommend using a tool for this as you don’t want any bumps in the shape.

03 | Continue to shape your earrings. It’s best to have an image up of what you want your final product to look like so you know where you’re going to need to bend the wire.

Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

04 | Once the earring is finished being shaped, cut any excess wire. Take one of your earring hooks and put it on the earring with the curve of the hook closest to you starting on the bottom left side of the face. Make sure your earring is facing out the way you want it. In this photo, this is the side of the face I want people to see when I wear these earrings.

Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

05 | Grab your hot glue gun and put a very small dot on the back of the rhinestones and place them over the eye loops. If you prefer the earrings without the rhinestones, you can skip this step.

06 | Make any final adjustments needed and you’re done! Don’t feel the need to make these look “perfect.” They’re designed to be similar and not exact, and that’s part of the beauty of them.

Now you can proudly wear these to the next art gallery opening in your city and feel super chic!

Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

Too Polished DIY Hollow Faced Earrings

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