A DIY Shirred Dress

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately thanks to some inspiration from the blog A Pair & A Spare. This relatively easy DIY is straight from her blog, and I wanted to show you how mine turned out!

I debated on using this rust color since it channels more fall than summer to me, but I thought the linen would give it more of a breezy look that made it work for both seasons, and I was right!


The material I used for this dress is a thick linen. In hindsight, I would definitely have used a lighter linen or cotton fabric as shirring is very difficult (read: almost impossible) on a fabric this thick. I made it work anyway by manually creating tension after I sewed each line. It was pretty tedious, but I don’t regret it as I love the final product.


A little disclaimer: for a beginner sewer like myself, I felt a little lied to when the shirring turned out much more challenging than I expected. I would have liked to been given a head’s up about the learning curve when it comes to shirring, but instead I went into this DIY thinking this would be an easy weekend project. I even consulted employees in the sewing section of my local craft store and they looked at me like I was a little crazy for doing a shirring project. To make sure your shirring is successful, you will probably need to adjust the tension on your sewing machine which may require some guess and check.

In the DIY tutorial, Geneva said to use your waist measurement as the basis for your material. When I did this, I found that the material didn’t fit around my hip/butt area. If you’re curvier in the hip area like me, I would recommend using the biggest measurement there as your starting point.

From the photos on her tutorial, it doesn’t appear that she hemmed the top of her dress until after she finished the shirring. I hemmed mine before, which gave me a wider ruffle appearance at the top. I don’t have a preference either way really, but that’s just a note to keep in mind.




All that being said, I am really happy I did this DIY. with other DIYs in the past I’ve always felt just so-so about the final products. With this dress I am super excited about how it turned out and I’m considering making another one in the future. This DIY isn’t impossible for a beginner, but keep in mind it may take a little longer if you’re new to it.

What do you think of this dress? What should my next DIY be?

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