May Instagram Snaps

Happy June! Can you believe five months have already passed THIS YEAR?

This month has been filled with lots of yoga, puppy training, and trying to get my diet back on track. Over our long weekend at the lake, Evan and I let loose and indulged a little too much which left me feeling disappointed. Thankfully some much needed avocado toast and healthy frozen treats (this and this) have helped me get back to my minimal sugar self!

I’ve never had a dog so seeing Chompy improve every week really makes me a proud dog mom. There have been some really trying times over the past few months with him and I feel like that’s rarely discussed, and it’s really encouraging to see him improving. Bell training has been really effective in our apartment and even for a tough breed like Italian Greyhounds we’re happy with the results! I’ve also taught him to play dead, so I’m going to add dog trainer to my resume! 🙂

I’m working on some really fun free stuff for the blog this month and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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