DIY Tassel Earrings 3 Ways

Happy Friday! I wore some gold tassel earrings in my post yesterday, and today I wanted to share a tutorial for how you can make your own! When I went to the store I bought a lot of thread, so I played around with the materials and I have THREE tassel earring tutorials to bring to you today!

I’ve been craving some color lately, so I made sure the thread I got was colorful and would go with whatever I had. I bought all of these materials (and more) for less than $20, and I can make about 10 pairs of earrings with it! These would make awesome and personal gifts to your friends and family this spring and summer!

So are you ready for the tutorials? Let’s get started…



2 Hoops

1 Package of thread

2 eight inch pieces of thread (taken from package)

2 Metal Beads


STEP 1: Cut two eight-inch pieces of thread from package. Take your package of thread and cut it in half.

STEP 2: Take approximately 10 strands of thread to use for the tassel (these are the strands that the thread is naturally grouped into). Place the thread around the bottom of the hoop. Take one additional strand to tie the tassel to the hoop.

STEP 3: Tie the thread with a double knot to the hoop with the additional thread. Cut off any extra thread strands from the knot.

STEP 4: Once secured, cut tassel to desired length.

STEP 5: Add metal beads to either side of the tassel and you’re finished!



2 Hoops

1 Bunch of thread (or several depending how you want to style them)

1 six inch length of thread for each tassel in the same color


STEP 1: Grab an assortment of colored threads you would like to use. I cut the strands used for the tassel shorter (about 4 inches) as this made them easier to secure to the hoop.

STEP 2: Take two strands of thread and one long strand of the same color. The long strand will tie the tassel to the hoop.

STEP 4: Place the two strands on the hoop, then tie the two strands to the hoop with the 6 inch piece of thread. Cut any additional thread from the knot.

STEP 5: Cut tassel to desired length. You can also save this step to the end and cut all threads at once.

STEP 6: Continue steps 1-5 until desired amount of thread is on the hoop. I chose to make the middle tassel longer and wider (using about 8-10 threads).



2 Packages of thread

2 Earring hooks

2 Metal beads

2 eight inch pieces of thread in the color of tassel (can be taken from package)

Needle and thread


STEP 1: Cut two long strands (the length of the package) from your package of thread. Tie one package of thread in the middle with your first long strand.

STEP 2: Once tied, fold thread in half at the tie.

STEP 3: Take the additional long thread and tie it at the top of the folded end. You want this to be as tight as possible.

STEP 4: Once tied, cut off any excess thread from the knot.

STEP 5: Use scissors to cut tassel to desired length.

STEP 6: Use needle and thread to attach bead and earring hook to the tassel. Thread the needle several times to ensure the earring and bead are secure.


I hope you enjoy these tassel earrings as much as I did! What DIYs have inspired you lately?

Thanks for stopping by!



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