Your Spring & Summer Sunglasses Guide

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This season’s sunglasses are all about fun, bright colors, interesting shapes, and vintage throwbacks. If you’re a little tired of your capsule and want to add a little bit of fun without the hefty price tag (or storage space) taking advantage of this trend is the best place to turn!




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If you’re not afraid to make a bold statement and are known for your love of  color and classic style, the retro sunnies may be for you. The large, colorful styles look fantastic on almost any face shape and give an on trend nod to the era of mod.


Simulation theory has come to life with reference to The Matrix in theses skinny shades. Not so great for actual eye protection, but if you’re looking to take some bomb Instagram photos or show that you aren’t afraid to dive head-first into the most popular fashion trend of the season, these babies are for you!


These frames remind me of the Pvc bags that are popping up all over, and I don’t mind it! Pair them with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or wear them with a bold outfit. These shades will give your look a modern twist and a look to remember!


I remember having a pair of these in elementary school and I can’t believe they’re back! Make yourself a walking heart-eyes emoji by sporting the classic red frames heart sunglasses, or make a modern mark with wire frames. Regardless, you will be turning heads!


Have these ever gone out of style? Maybe I’ve just always been in love with vintage sunnies, but they’ve made a comeback in a major way. Search thrift stores to find the real deal, or save yourself the trouble a purchase a pair from Amazon. Either way, you’ll look calm, cool, and collected in these timeless shades.

All of the sunglasses listed here will run you less than $20 and update your outfit in an instant to keep your look refined and current.

Experiment, have fun, and go wild with these styles!


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