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  1. minimallol says

    Hi Kasey, I just loved this post 🙂 I think your definition of a capsule wardrobe is perfect and the pieces chosen are classic and timeless, giving you numerous combinations and outfits, I would guess. The way you lay out your photos is just beautiful – do you use specific software or are you just naturally gifted? Would love to know. Wonderful post, Lxxx

    • toopolished says

      Thank you! I use Photoshop to put it together. Photoshop makes it really easy and simple and you can get a membership for just $10/month which is perfect for me!

  2. meximinnesotana says

    I love your capsule wardrobe suggestions here. You really boil down the essentials. I am in a process of changing my wardrobe and paring back and this makes the process seem much less intimidating. Thanks!

    • toopolished says

      That’s awesome, I’m happy you found it useful! It’s not an easy process, but soooo worth it!

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