A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

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I’ve been loving my capsule so far this season! As I was exploring my capsule wardrobe items, I found that I ended up with two capsule wardrobes: casual and a work. There were a lot of pieces I didn’t wear unless it was for work, and I couldn’t part with them for the sake of creating this cohesive capsule wardrobe.

This post is designed to create a “mini capsule” of items to add to your normal capsule for work purposes. It is should to integrate with items you already own so that you don’t have to  two completely separate work and casual wardrobes and you can keep any additional clothes items to a minimum.

There are a ton of ways to create a capsule wardrobe, and at the end of the day it is a way of dressing mindfully that suits your specific needs and lifestyle. You should be able to wear every item in you wardrobe and feel beautiful and confident. This list shouldn’t limit you or make you feel like you can only have this amount of items, but rather give you ideas and inspiration for how to create a wardrobe that fits you.

This business casual capsule wardrobe is designed with comfort in mind. I used a neutral color palette because it’s easiest to work with, but you can always translate these items into colors that are cohesive in your wardrobe. These are the basics that I found most useful in my everyday business casual work environment so please take what is helpful.

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Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

01 | Black Blazer (more casual version)

02 | Tan Cardigan

03 | Black Cardigan

These items were chosen for warmth, comfort, and professionalism. The blazer will work great if you’re wearing more casual item and need to dress it up a bit for work. Blazers instantly add an upgrade! I found the tan and black cardigans especially useful in my office days as they helped me prepare and get through sometimes unpredictable office temperatures.


Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Tops are where you have a lot of freedom for the work capsule. Depending on your off duty style, you may be able to skip this section altogether. The white tunic is my favorite because it is the most diverse as you can wear it under a skirt as a top, over a pair of leggings as a dress, or under another top as a layering piece. I love this selection because you can easily layer other pieces as well to keep your looks different and fun.

01 | Structured Shell

02 | White Silk Tunic

03 | Striped Top

04 | White Shirt

05 | Striped Button Down

06 | Peplum Top

07 | Linen Top


Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

One of the most surprising things I found as I was exploring my capsule wardrobe with work is that absolutely no one remembers you wearing black pants. I had a favorite pair that I would wear twice per week (sometimes more). Black pants are a create a sort of negative space that allows your tops and shoes to stand out, leaving the pants as the least interesting part of a look (which isn’t a bad thing!). A black pencil skirt is a classic piece that similarly to the pants will go less-noticed as a frequently worn piece.

01 | Khaki Pants

02 | Black Pencil Skirt

03 | Black Pants


Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

Both of these dresses have simple, flattering, and timeless looks that you won’t get bored with. You can easily layer tops over them and have these dresses double as skirts, or switch out cardigans and blazers to transform them in seconds.

01 | Black Swing Dress

02 | Gray Fit & Flare Dress

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Too Polished - A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

When looking at these heels comfort was my top priority. At my job I would often have to walk long distances from parking lots or across the street, and I couldn’t always plan for those situations. The block heel on the black pumps add a twist to the pointed toe while giving you more stability as you go about your everyday. The heel is smaller on the nude pair, but shorter so you still get the comfort factor. The black slides add a trend twist to your wardrobe while achieving maximum comfort.

01 | Black Pumps

02 | Nude Heels

03 | Black Slides



Getting your clothes tailored to your body is one of the easiest ways to make your clothes look better and more expensive. It may sound expensive, but tailoring basic items is actually a lot cheaper than you might think. I had my pencil skirts tailored for about $12 per piece.


This tip may sound simplistic, but if you have cardigans or shirts with bland buttons you can easily update them by adding metallic or vintage buttons. It’s a simple, 30 minute (or less!) project that will upgrade your pieces and make you like cool and thrifty.

. . .

There you have it! A simple work capsule that won’t overrun your closet but will give you plenty of options. I didn’t add accessories to this list because there are a lot of different ways you can spin accessories to keep your wardrobe feeling different and fun, and I wanted to do a separate post about it. You may find you need a little more or a little less, but hopefully this post gives you a good starting out point to craft your own unique curated closet. 

What are your must-have work items that makes your wardrobe feel like you have a lot of options?

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8 thoughts on “A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hi Kasey, I just loved this post 🙂 I think your definition of a capsule wardrobe is perfect and the pieces chosen are classic and timeless, giving you numerous combinations and outfits, I would guess. The way you lay out your photos is just beautiful – do you use specific software or are you just naturally gifted? Would love to know. Wonderful post, Lxxx

    1. Thank you! I use Photoshop to put it together. Photoshop makes it really easy and simple and you can get a membership for just $10/month which is perfect for me!

  2. I love your capsule wardrobe suggestions here. You really boil down the essentials. I am in a process of changing my wardrobe and paring back and this makes the process seem much less intimidating. Thanks!

    1. That’s awesome, I’m happy you found it useful! It’s not an easy process, but soooo worth it!

  3. This is a fantastic post! Now I’m thinking of re organizing my closet for business/ casual and a mix of both sections! Thanks for putting this together! Xoxo, Kim

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