Easy No-Sew Denim Skirt DIY


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Happy Monday! I’m starting off this morning with TWO cups of coffee because #mondayprobs.

I wanted to share this surprisingly EASY DIY that will shake up your spring and summer wardrobe (for just a few dollars!)

Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:



Fabric Glue

Fabric Scissors

Measuring Tape

Seam Ripper



I went to Goodwill to find a nice vintage pair of jeans, but you can use an old pair from your closet. When picking out your jeans, you will want to look for a few things:

  • Wash – pick the wash you like (I went for a 70s blue denim)
  • Type – High waisted, long/low crotch (will help you later)
  • Fit – you want the jeans to fit super well around your waist. That is about an inch below your belly button.
  • Where – don’t limit yourself to the women’s section (which I did). Take a look at the men’s section too as the main things that matter are what’s listed above. Men’s jeans have a lower crotch naturally so it’s better to start there.
  • Wide-ish leg – if you can find a pair of jeans with plenty of room in the thighs, that will be helpful because it gives you more fabric to work with.



  1. Determine the length you want. I went for 15″ (which is about my fingertip length). I cut the skirt at 16″ to make room for any error. It may be helpful to draw a line with fabric chalk or use another skirt that sits at your natural waist to determine length. You can always cut away but you can’t add back to a shorter skirt.
  2. Once you’ve determined you length, fold the jeans in half and cut the legs off. You will be left with a pretty rad looking pair of jorts (jean shorts).
  3. Grab your seam ripper and rip the seam from the crotch. Rip the seam from the bottom of the zipper to the back of the jeans (about the same spot that you started, just on the back of the jeans).
  4. Grab your fabric glue and lay over the fabric from the left leg to the right leg. Since I had plenty of fabric, I didn’t have the V shape at the bottom of my skirt. If you’re looking for that, you can cut one yourself or pick a pair of jeans with a tighter-fitting leg.
  5. If your denim is resisting, you may want to iron it down at this point. This will make the fabric glue more effective.                                                                                                    DenimskirtDIY4
  6. Grab your fabric glue and glue the skirt together where you laid it over. Take your time and don’t go light on the glue. Most glue dries clear, but it does darken the denim so it is slightly visible. Let dry as long as your glue instructions say (mine was 30 minutes).
  7. Cut out any excess fabric after gluing.
  8. Check the dryness of the glue and make sure you didn’t miss any spots on your skirt. Toss skirt in the washer and dryer on low settings. This will give your skirt that desired frayed look. If you don’t want to wash, you can also use sandpaper to disturb the hem and get the same look without possibly upsetting the fabric glue.
  9. If washed skirt, remove from dryer and check for any weak spots with the glue. Mine held up well, but there were a few spots that needed a refresher.
  10. Put on that cute denim skirt and take some photos because you did the damn thing!


I know DIY isn’t for everyone, but any way that I can refashion and repurpose old clothing to give it a modern, wearable flair is a win in my book. Also when I get compliments, I can say “Thanks, I MADE it!” which is just so, so gratifying. 

Did you try this DIY? What did you think?



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  1. Hi Kasey, the skirt is just too cute! Doesn’t look home-made at all – I never would have guessed it was a pair of jeans in a previous life – fabulous! Lxx

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