Spring Starter Capsule Wardrobe

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Happy Wednesday! I am SO EXCITED to finally present my starter spring capsule to you all! I talk about capsules a lot and I’ve been really fascinated and interested by capsules for about a year now, but I’ve never actually *oficially* put one together.

This capsule is pretty small – I’m not going for project 3-33 , but rather a more curated wardrobe in which I’m happy and confident. I played around with a few names for this post, but I ultimately landed on calling this a “starter” capsule wardrobe rather than a complete capsule. There are some pieces I’m considering to include, but I’m not sure that they’re solid capsule pieces so I’m going to play them by ear. I also have some tees that have been in and out of my wardrobe but I haven’t decided if they’re just lounging items or actual capsule-worthy pieces. As I feel out this season I will be sure to post any updates!

You will also notice that I didn’t include accessories. Those items are also test items as I need to figure out which ones are most useful to me and add the most variety to these outfits. I will post updates to those as well!

Now let’s get into the capsule…


SpringCapsule Finished


WHAT I DID: Planning this capsule was pretty tough. It is my first one, and I found myself going back and forth between a lot of pieces. Since I’ve had more free time, I’ve been able to really live in the pieces that I truly love (the Madewell top and Camisoles are some of my faves!) and I used those as the basis for building my capsule. My lifestyle as also much more casual these days, so I kept a lot of denim and chambray pieces simply because I absolutely love them.

THE COLORS: I would love to say this color palette was completely intentional, but it was really a little bit of happy coincidence and complimenting with new pieces. I’ve been musing over neutrals for the past few months, so they worked out nicely. The chambray blues and denim always say spring to me and give me an excuse to wear blues even though I’m more of an autumn.

I have the ability to work from home now, so my capsule is much more laid back. I do plan to do a post with adjustments to this wardrobe (adding some key pieces) to make it work friendly.

capsule tops

Georgia is HOT during the spring. We’ve had our rare cold weeks but on the whole it is very warm. I did include some sweaters and long sleeve shirts in the off chance that the weather isn’t quite the 85 degrees to which we’re accustomed.

01 | Chambray Shirt

02 | Long Top (similar, slightly different color)

03 | Chambray Halter (similar)

04 | Pink Muscle Tank (similar)

05 | Madewell Central Shirt

06 | Everlane White Tee

07 | Everlane White Mock Neck 

08 | J. Crew Factory White Cami

09 | Gray Muscle Tank (similar)

10 | Everlane Gray V Neck

11 | Everlane Black Tee

12 | J. Crew Factory Black Cami

13 | Gray Sweater (similar)

14 | Everlane Silk Striped Shirt

Capsule bottoms

I really love skirts (obviously) and I wasn’t shy about including them in my capsule. Though the J. Crew Factory skirts are technically “wool,” they’re a light, thin wool that makes them appropriate for the spring and summer months. Also, the stretchy waistbands make them really comfy and flattering to my curvy lower half, so I definitely wanted to include them. The only piece I don’t yet have of this list is a black denim skirt. I DIY-d the other denim skirt in this spread (blog post on that soon!) and loved it so much I want to do the same with the black denim skirt.

01 | Wool Sidewalk Skirt in Black

02 | Black Denim Skirt 

03 | Denim Shorts 

04 | Denim Skirt

05 | White Shorts

06 | Wool Sidewalk Skirt in Tan

07 | Girlfriend Jeans

08 | Black Jeans

capsule layers

I decided to keep it simple with layers for this capsule. This is based off of what I’ve been wearing recently, and these two pieces have been on regular rotation for me. If we have a cold snap, I will pull out my trench but that’s pretty unlikely. I didn’t include my rain jacket since it is more of a utility piece rather than something I would wear to pull a look together.

01 | Long Cardigan (similar)

02 | Denim Jacket (similar)

capsule dresses

If any area of this capsule is most unfinished, it would be the dresses. I recently got rid of a lot of clothes, and the dresses I had were some of the first to go. I have a few still hanging up that I need to wear out a bit to see how I still feel about them and if they’re capsule-worthy. For now, these are the pieces I’m sure about.

01 | Striped Peasant Dress (similar)

02 | Striped Tee Shirt Dress (similar)


To go along with the theme of the rest of this capsule, I kept the shoes pretty simple and casual as well. I may throw in a pair of chunky heels if need be, but most of the events we go to are pretty casual (and I’ve worn heels for so much of my life it’s nice to have a break!)

01 | White Sneakers

02 | Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

03 | Converse

04 | Black Slides

05 | Flip Flops

. . .

And that’s it! My first capsule is COMPLETE and I can breathe a big sigh of relief for getting it out of the way. The first one is the hardest, right?

Are there any items I should have included? Let me know in the comments!

. . . 

I was inspired to create this post by one of my favorite bloggers Caroline at Unfancy. If you’re even slightly interested in capsules, I HIGHLY recommend giving her site a look! She has been doing the capsule for years and I consider her the queen of capsules (which is absolutely a thing). She has some great tips and free resources to help you plan yours!

Take a look at outfits created from this capsule:

01 | Relaxed Spring Cool

02| Casual Striped T-Shirt Dress

03 | No Sew Denim Skirt DIY

04 | Long Shirt + New Capsule Addition

05 | Sandals in the Rain + Three Questions to Ask Your Poshmark Seller

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4 thoughts on “Spring Starter Capsule Wardrobe

  1. This is a great concept, really enjoyed reading this! The colour palette is so good for spring and I love those blue denim shorts too, they’re perfect! ♥️

    1. Thank you! Putting together wardrobes like this is a lot of work but it’s so worth it to see it all laid out!

  2. Hi Kasey, I absolutely loved this post. Your capsule looks totally right for what you want and your lifestyle and the colours blend beautifully. I have been a huge fan of Caroline at Unfancy for years and still find her an inspiration. Best of luck with your capsule and I hope you get a lot of joy from it, Lxx

    1. Thank you! Caroline is so wonderful at putting capsules together. I’m really happy you enjoyed it!

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