Ten Podcasts for Success, Happiness, and Overall Well-Being

The best things in life are free, and podcasts are no exception. Podcasts are the saviors of the time-hungry, self improving people like ourselves. Podcasts are my favorite productive past time as they allow you to multi-task while doing physical activities like driving and cleaning and learn a little along the way.



This podcast checks all my boxes. Justin Molluck searches the web and reads blog posts so you don’t have to! His podcasts run less than 10 minutes and he works to find the most impactful blog posts relating to success, minimalism, and personal growth. I always try to listen to at least one of his podcasts per day (he is currently on episode 802!) because they are such a quick motivational tool.


The US news can be so, so defeating. It’s really important to be informed on current events, and the BBC does a really great job mixing in serious issues with more lighthearted ones, and true to it’s name this podcast gives you a global view of what is going on in the world. This podcast usually runs around 30 minutes so it’s great for any morning routine.


If anyone can say they’re an expert at blogging, I’m pretty sure it’s Darren Rowse. He literally wrote the book on blogging, and was one of the first to teach the world about blogging for profit. He has over 220 podcasts bursting with tips and solutions for blogging, and you can pick and choose which ones most apply to you and your business. He often invites guests so you get a lot of different perspectives and ideas for approaches to your blog.



If you’re new to the minimalist journey, or just like to have your daily dose of minimalist wisdom, look no further than than this podcast by The Minimalists. These podcasts usually run pretty long (typically over an hour) but Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn are tried and true minimalists that have spread the message of minimalism to millions through their documentary Minimalism.


I love love this girl! Sara’s podcasts are short, upbeat, and leave you thinking “Hell yeah! I can do this minimalism thing!” She talks about hobbies, happiness, and impulse buys and makes sure to keep her podcasts quick and to the point. If you want to see what else she has to offer, you can check out her website where she shares her podcasts and other great content.


I know I’ve talked about this podcast several times already, but it is still relevant in this post so I’m going to add it in as well! When I first heard of meditation, I had several reservations. I didn’t want to waste my time sitting with my eyes closed, not sure what to do when I “meditated.” I took a look at what podcasts could help me slow down and mentally recharge, and I found Meditation Oasis. A guided meditation is great because they do the work for you, all you have to do is sit and be calm. The podcasts range in length and topic from meditation for creativity to anxiety and everything in between. One of my personal favorites is sleep, especially when I have a hard time slowing my mind down at night.


Success is such a huge topic these days and we’re so obsessed with finding tips and tricks, but one aspect of success that gets little exposure is what successful people wish they would have known throughout their journey. Jan Black and Laura Owens interview experts and successful people in a variety of fields – from procrastination to creating a family-centered life.



Nothing new here, but Ted Talks are great because they provide insight into a variety of different subjects. You can search through and find the Ted Talk that is most relevant to your goals or what you’re going through at the moment. The best thing is that these are Ted Talks on the go!


Dr. Ellen Hendriksen dishes out some science-based research that will help you reach your goals and overcome those things that are holding you back. Whether you struggle with insecurity, obsess about what others think of you, can’t deal with passive-aggressive people (my personal pet peeve!), there’s an episode for you!


This podcast is a new find for me, and I’m so happy because it is so relevant to marketing and building your brand. Jenna Kutcher hosts the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses. You get to train from the experts how to refine your brand, get work done, and work through your biggest goals along the way.

We all have busy schedules that make it difficult to put ourselves at the focus, especially when we’ve lost sight of our goals and the motivation just may not be there. These podcasts have often helped me refocus and understand where my passion comes from and give me specific, actionable items to get stuff done. Podcasts make it so much easier to work smarter, not harder and we could all use a little more of that in our lives!

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