9 Minimalist Watches for Your Spring Wardrobe



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So, let’s talk watches. According to one study, watch-wearing is a marker of conscientiousness (purposeful, driven, and reliable). SEXY, right?

(Side note: I wanted to add more fun information about watch-wearers but surprisingly, studying watch-wearers isn’t the most lucrative, popular, or necessary topic of research.)

My love affair with watches actually started a couple of years ago when I started my first “adult” job. I loved the professional and responsible edge a watch gave me, but I also found I relied heavily on it to keep tabs during meetings (so they don’t run over, or so I can end a boring meeting right on the dot) and so I don’t lose track of time.

This sounds pretty basic, but it honestly makes me sad to see that watches are on the decline. I know technology has all but made them obsolete, and I’m not an advocate for something that we truly no longer have a use for, but there are a couple of things we need to consider:

  • Watches are and attractive and functional accessory. How many accessories do you have that serve multiple purposes at once?
  • You don’t always have access to your phone, nor is it always appropriate to check the time on your phone (see my example above). Maybe you don’t care about looking rude, which is cool with me because you just do you, but when hanging out with or meeting someone I love and respect I don’t want to send the wrong message by appearing to check my phone.


So maybe my arguments aren’t the most rock-solid, but just look how pretty these watches are!

As a minimalist I try to keep my watch buying at bay, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t look! I wanted to share some of these simple and clean styles with you.

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