The Too Polished Etsy Shop is Now Open!

I’ve shared a bit of my other passions here on the blog and through Instagram, and one of my biggest passions is art. I love drawing and creating – especially for others, but due to my current schedule and frustration with getting back into it I’ve let my artistic abilities go rusty.

I bought an Ipad a little over a year ago for the sole purpose of using Adobe sketch. You mean, I can paint something in watercolor from anywhere?! I got the Apple Pencil to go along with it, and slowly started to create art again.

Starting an Etsy shop is something I’ve always wanted to do. Now that I’m creating more regularly, it felt like the natural next step. I was apprehensive when it came to digital art, because I felt like it was less authentic than selling prints of manually drawn and created art using paper and another media. But I’ve been working on practicing more self love and calling myself on self-doubt and so I thought “What the hell? I’ll just put up a shop and see what happens!”

And so, Too Polished Art was born.

Flower Crown

Pink Peony

It’s pretty liberating (and scary, if I’m being honest) to put my work out there for others to critique, judge, and buy. I’ve been ignoring this natural pull to create and put my work out there for a long time and now it just feels right.

I’m still exploring my style, still learning more about how Adobe can help me create. I’m inspired by fashion, the beautiful things around me, and my friends.

I would love to hear what inspires you and what things you think will inspire me. If there is anything you would like to see in the shop, please let me know and I will be happy to see what I can do!

Sweater Weather




Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my art! I add new pieces to the shop weekly and I will do best to update them here on the blog, but please feel free to head over to Too Polished Art to see what I’ve created!

Thanks for stopping by!





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