5 Valentine’s Day Date Night In Ideas

Sometimes big fancy dinner reservations and plans aren’t feasible for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you just need a night in. I’m definitely more of a homebody, and I’ve found that some of my favorite Valentine’s Days in the past were spent at home with Evan. Here are some Valentine’s Day night in dates to keep you and your significant other relaxed and focused on each other!

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One – Grab your Amazon fire stick to hook you up with all those classic Valentine’s Day movies. Two – My personal favorites: Pretty in Pink, The Princess Bride, 10 Things I Hate About You. Three – Free People Sweater to keep you warm & cozy while you watch. Four – Some stacking rings to add a little subtle polish to your relaxed look. Five – a box of Godiva chocolates because it is Valentine’s Day, after all. Six – Some warm fuzzy slippers to keep your feet cozy. Seven – laid back light wash jeans so you can relax in comfortability and style. Eight – a glass of inexpensive champagne because you are classy af. Nine – top it off with Chanel perfume to make you feel like a queen.




One – Light a candle to set the mood. Two – put your favorite record on (I love Sinatra for romantic evenings). Three – grab your favorite dress and four – your prettiest lingerie (top and bottoms) . Five – dab a little perfume behind your ears and on your wrists. Six – don’t forget a bouquet of lovely white roses. Seven – put on your dancing shoes. Top it off with some silky red lipstick and you’re all set for an evening of dancing!



One – grab a bluetooth speaker and pick a relaxing playlist. Two – light a pretty scented candle. Three – grab a silky bathrobe to get comfortable. Four – place a bath bomb under the warm running water to leave your skin feeling silky, hydrated, and smooth. Five – don’t forget your lip balm to prepare you for all the kisses! Six – place a pair of fluffy slippers in the bathroom so your feet don’t have to touch cold tile. Seven and Eight – grab some chocolate covered strawberries and your favorite pink wine and you’re ready to be pampered!





One – go shopping and grab all of your ingredients for a DIY Valentine’s Day dinner. Two – Put on a floral dress to fit the mood. Three – grab your tablet and find your favorite recipe (I’m looking at some really good vegan ones!) Four – put on a simple accessory, a watch is helpful to keep track of dinner. Five – light a candle to fill the air with even more good smells. Six – grab a throw blanket and lay it on the floor to add a picnic-style to your dinner. Seven – slip on some comfy loafers. Eight – mix your favorite cocktail (mine is a Moscow mule!). Nine – top your look off with a bit of scented oil for those close encounters and you’re all set!




One – set up your Nintendo Switch or other gaming console with your favorite two-player games. Two – Slip on a comfy sweater, red always suits the Valentine’s occasion. Three – snacks are a must, don’t hesitate to get your favorite dessert to snack on all night, like this Talenti dairy-free ice cream. Four – get a blanket to cozy up on the couch as you play. Five – pull on a cute and warm pair of socks so you won’t have cold feet to hold you back from your best game. Six – pull on some comfy pants. Seven – grab some popcorn because the games are about to get GOOD! Eight – don’t forget an alcoholic beverage because we all know that tipsy video games are more fun than sober ones. Nine and Ten – go the extra mile by putting on a bit of perfume and a red matte lip and your significant other will be so distracted you will win all the games!

How did you spend your favorite Valentine’s Day?

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