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January has been rocky to say the least, but there were a handful of things I really relied on to get me through the month!


CLAIRINS Double Serum – This stuff is MAGIC! It first caught my eye in the airport on the way home from Paris and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I try hard not to make impulse purchases, and I was looking for something to give my skin a little something extra in the winter months and keep my moisturizer from doing all the heavy lifting. After doing a little research and learning that this product lasts for eight or so months, I decided to take the leap. By taking the leap, I put it on my Christmas list and my mom (who I learned all of my healthy skin habits from) gave it to me as a gift. I’ve been challenging myself to cut my makeup routine to ten minutes or less in the morning, and this product gives my skin a new radiance that allows me to skip foundation altogether. Can’t say enough good things!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – There’s a lot of hype around this product but I was wary of the $40 price tag. This is another airport find except unlike the CLARINS serum, I really really needed concealer as my local Laura Mercier counter was sold out of the Candleglow concealer and I went too last minute to order it before my trip. You know what? I regret nothing because this  concealer has made my life so much easier! It goes on creamy but dries quickly and doesn’t set into any small wrinkles around my eyes like creamier concealers have done in the past. It brightens really well and looks natural enough so that I don’t feel I have to use foundation on the rest of my face.


Smartwool Socks – If you live in a chilly climate, or anywhere that gets even a little cold, these socks are incredible! Funny enough, Smartwool is based out of Steamboat Springs, CO (where Evan and I recently visited, you can read about it here). These socks will keep your feet warm and dry no matter if you’re skiing, hiking, or going to brunch. They’re also made in the USA, so even more reasons to buy them over other alternatives.  They have a ton of fun designs and are the perfect mix of utility and comfort!

Kate Spade Bag – this bag was the most surprising gift I received from Evan and I have been in love with it all month (if you couldn’t tell by my photos). It’s really, really important to me that bags are functional and attractive and this bag does the trick. The convertible strap allows me to switch it up day to day, and the pockets are large enough to hold my necessities and the magnetic closure makes all of the pockets easily accessible. The quilted and polished look of the bag keeps my look pulled together even if I’m going more casual.


Diffuser – Evan and I caught whatever cold/sinus nightmare that has been floating around (but we’re really thankful it’s not the flu) and we’ve been working hard to kick it. This diffuser has been so so nice opening our sinuses up when we’ve been more congested than usual. My favorite oil is eucalyptus!

Frozen Strawberries – kind of sounds like a given, but I’ve been focusing on replacing my bad eating habits (relaxing on weeknights with a bag of chips) with good ones, like eating frozen fruits while relaxing. Frozen strawberries have been my favorites lately as the cold makes you eat them more slowly and so they last a while and the sweetness curbs any cravings I have.

Cassey from Blogilates – with the cold, it has been increasingly difficult to go to the gym. Trying to make up for this I turned to Youtube to hit me with some fitness videos, and I stumbled across this blogilates butt workout video and have been doing it religiously. It’s super challenging but short, so you feel the burn without spending a significant amount of your day at the gym. I’ve done this 3 times for 2 weeks now and I can already see a difference. Love it!


Harry Potter on Audible – I don’t know what it is about winter but it just seems to have Harry Potter written all over it for me. I’ve been slowly working my way through the books in the mornings as I get ready for work and I fall in love with the series all over again. So, so good! Jim Dale narrates the story and he is extremely talented. Even if you’re a hardcore Harry Potter reader, I would recommend trying just one book on Audible.

Dark, Netflix – I downloaded 2 episodes of Dark to prepare myself for the plane ride to Colorado (does anyone else struggle to read on planes?) and I was instantly frustrated that I didn’t download more. This series is soooo good. I love scary movies and dark TV shows so this was right up my alley. The show follows a group of people in a small town in Germany (the show is in German with English voice overs) shaken by disappearances of adolescent boys under unexplainable circumstances. It’s confusing throughout, but it’s cleverly done so that you understand just enough to keep you watching.

Super Mario Odyssey we gifted ourselves a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and one gift we received was Super Mario Odyssey. I really like the classic games (Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite) so I always fear the new games will be really complicated or crazy. This game is suuuuuper fun, and the adventures are endless! The Mario franchise really let their imaginations run wild with this game and I was really surprised at all of the cool and interesting challenges the game had to offer.

Grace Vanderwaal – This young lady impressed Simon on America’s Got Talent and won the competition with all original songs. Also, she’s only THIRTEEN! I remember seeing her viral AGT audition and never thought much else of her until Youtube brought her to my attention recently. She is incredibly talented, and her first album dropped in October and it’s one of the best I’ve heard in a while. Her songs are genuine and moving and I can’t get Moonlight out of my head! I’m typically not a fan of artists who win competitions like this because their sound is very pop music and it feels generic, but this girl is incredibly talented I can’t help but talk about her.

What were some of your favorite things from January?



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