Stripes All Day


Happy Sunday Morning! With it feeling like early spring here in Georgia, this denim jacket has been a part of my uniform recently. As this new year moves on, it’s interesting to look back at what I wore a year ago and see how much my style has evolved to what I like and enjoy, rather than thinking about how others expect me to look or dress. I’ve never really allowed myself to be casual because I felt it was laziness or that I wouldn’t be as pretty, but 2017 taught me to start caring about the right things and what the people around me thought didn’t really cross my mind anymore.

Southern ideals can often be misrepresented into what women “should” look or dress like, and growing up in the south all my life has made me a victim to that one way or another. It’s fun to challenge myself and even those around me by wearing much less makeup, cutting my hair short, and tossing the heels I wore everyday for shoes that are actually comfortable. I’m really looking forward to getting into 2018 as a time of self-exploration in what makes me feel confident and beautiful.



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Denim Jacket: Vintage Wrangler (Similar) | Dress: Everlane |Bag: Lo & Sons | Shoes: Similar | Sunglasses: Rayban

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