Sequin & Glitter DIYs to Get You NYE Ready

Celebrating the New Year with friends and family is always a good time filled with fun and the excitement of starting the new year with a clean slate. One thing I dread about the new year is finding something fun, sparkly, and festive to wear. Thankfully there are a ton of fun, easy DIYs that you can easily put together in time for the ball drop!

  • GLITTER NAIL POLISH – you can pick nail polish up nearly anywhere, and a bold sparkle can easily take your NYE look to the next level. Also, this is probably the easiest & quickest way to get your look New Year’s Eve ready. Find some super sparkly polishes here.
  • NYE Headband – You can always buy one, BUT isn’t it so much fun to make your own? I found 3 super easy DIYs here, here, and here.
  • GLITTER TIGHTS – If headbands aren’t your thing but you still want a subtle sparkle to your look, try this Glitter Tights DIY.


  • GLITTER SHOES DIY – If you have a spare pair lying around waiting to be fancied up, this DIY is just for you! Try this Glitter Shoes tutorial.
  • SEQUIN SHIRT DIY – This DIY is great for a casual NYE party where a little sparkle goes a long way. Plus you can customize it to say whatever clever New Year’s Eve phrase you want! Give this Sequine Shirt DIY a shot!
  • SEQUIN SHORTS DIY – I stumbled across this  Sequin Shorts DIY and thought it would be fun if you wanted to spruce up an old pair of shorts for a fun NYE!
  • SEQUIN CLUTCH DIY – With this one simple DIY you can turn a night out look into a NYE all night out look! Take a peek at this Sequin Clutch tutorial.
  • SEQUIN CARDIGAN – Just in case I didn’t give you enough ways to make your clothes sparkly in this post, let’s top it off with a Sequin Cardigan tutorial! Throw this cardigan over any outfit and you’re good to go for NYE!

Do you have any fun DIYs for New Year’s?

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