15 Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, Christmas has snuck up on you. Not for everyone on your list, but for those select few (the relative you don’t see often, or your best friend where nothing seemed good enough for them). WELL thankfully the internet is here to save the day! I’ve put together a list of great last minute gifts that includes some DIY and some creative thinking.

  1. Concert Tickets – you could instantly make someones day by getting them those coveted Taylor Swift tickets!
  2. A Movie Kit – If you have a movie lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with this! Grab a large bowl fit for popcorn, a new release that your family member/friend will love, and toss in popcorn and their favorite candy (or an assortment), they’re favorite soda or beer (am I the only one that likes popcorn and beer together?) and you’re set!
  3. A Basket of Awesome Homemade Sweets – make their favorite cookies and gift them on a pretty plate and voila! Pretty AND delicious gift.
  4. Paint Them Something Personal –  I found some great ideas here, but Pinterest is always overflowing with ideas!
  5. Gift Certificate – typically I’m against gift cards, BUT this is a great way to treat someone close to you. This could be used for facials, manicures, massages, or even a salon visit!
  6. A House Plant – now this gift would probably be most appropriate for someone with a green thumb, but there are a lot of options that require little to no care, like succulents! Plants really liven up a living space, so this would be a good gift for someone settling into a new place.
  7. Gift Them a Subscription Box – this is literally the gift that keeps on giving! This is especially great for those that are really particular but love trying new things. you can get a Geek Box, Subscription to Stitch Fix or M.M. La Fleur, or even a wine subscription. The possibilities are endless!
  8. Photos in Frames – I don’t know what it is about photos of me and my siblings but they get my mom every. single. time. These are great for the sentimental people in your life or those that don’t have many photos around their place.
  9. DIY Body Scrub – This is a great gift for both men and women! Since it is DIY, you can adjust the scents to have them more feminine or masculine. Learn how here.
  10. DIY a Piece of Furniture – This may sound pretty daunting, but there are some pretty sweet and easy DIY’s out there! The best part is the home improvement stores will likely have plenty of whatever you need…unlike apple airpods *sigh*. Some of my favorite DIY’s are here, here, and here.
  11. DIY Necklace and Jewelry Holder – because the perfect one doesn’t seem to exist.   Find ideas here.
  12. Ancestry – give the gift of genealogy with Ancestry.com or 23andme.com. It’s always interesting to see what our DNA holds!
  13. A Growler – for the man or woman that loves beer in your life. Now they can buy even more at once!
  14. DIY Coasters – to protect our lovely wood furniture. I love this idea.
  15. A Comfy Kit – This can change depending on the person, but this is ideal for someone who likes to curl up and read with a hot beverage. This kit can include a book in your friend/family member’s favorite genre (I’m currently obsessed with Ruth Ware), a box of his/her favorite tea or coffee, a coffee mug (bonus points if it’s personalized!), and warm fuzzy socks.

I hope this helps you finish up your Christmas shopping in the last few days!

What has been your most successful last minute gift?



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