10 Gifts for the Minimalist in Your Life

10 Gifts for the Minimalist in Your Life

When the Christmas season rolls around, sometimes I’m at a loss. Since giving minimalism a real effort, I feel guilty in looking on Amazon specifically for gifts for myself, things I wouldn’t have asked for otherwise. I also feel as if I’m burdening my friends and family with gifts if I don’t get them something they specifically asked for.

  1. Buy Used & Thrift – I love clothes, and there a certain brands that I favor but don’t have the ethical production practices that make me proud to support them. I like to shop on Poshmark or the Real Real to get some of my favorite brands without feeling like I’m killing the environment or supporting the demand for these companies. Plus, it’s cheaper! Push your friends and family to shop for you on these sites which are typically significantly cheaper than retail and exponentially better for the environment!
  2. Buy Tickets for an Event or Concert – The great thing about gifting an event or concert is that it doesn’t take up space & provides memories to look at for years to come. This is also great for when you may not know exactly what to get someone but you know they love classical music or tiny homes, you can get them tickets to these events!
  3. Make Something – this can be a good idea as long as you have the time to do so. I love painting and drawing, so I would often give my friends a picture of something they love for Christmas. This saves money and shows the person that you put a lot of time & thought into their gift.
  4. Photos – especially old ones, can be amazing gifts. I know I don’t typically take the time to go print photos for myself, so gifting an old photo in a nice frame provides artwork for a home and reminds people of nice memories.
  5. Permission to be Pampered – a gift certificate for a simple manicure or even a full-on spa day is something we all need, am I right? This doesn’t just go for women, either. You can purchase a massage for anyone! Evan always gets his hair done at this fancy place where the woman massages his head and puts a warm damp cloth over his face and uses a straight razor to shave his neck. He doesn’t just go because he likes the haircuts, but because it’s always nice to be pampered.
  6. Food – Don’t forget, everyone loves food! Making an old family recipe, baking cookies or sweets, or inviting someone to dinner at your place and making their favorite foods. Even something a someone uses or consumes every day like their favorite coffee or a nice craft beer is thoughtful, will be put to good use, and doesn’t add to the clutter (at least, not for long).
  7. TSA Pre-Check – This is an excellent gift that takes up zero space and keeps giving! Security at the airport is the absolute worst so TSA Pre-Check will help your travel buffs get through those lines faster and on to their adventures!
  8. Fitness Classes – We all know what comes after Christmas…New Year’s Resolutions, of course! Most people have health and fitness on their minds, so why not take some of the financial burden off of them by purchasing a month of yoga classes or cross fit for them?
  9. Weekend Getaway – This can be a great gift for yourself and a friend to reconnect, or for the couple in your life that really just need a break. The great thing is with sites like Groupon, these don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and will provide a much-needed refuge from everyday stressors.
  10. A Subscription to an Online Product or Service – This is an awesome gift for the creative in your life, or the person that just enjoys learning new things. You can gift them a subscription to Lynda.com, which literally has thousands of video tutorials for just about everything under the sun. For the photographers, photoshop or Lightroom is always a win and costs only $10 per month!

What are your favorite gifts for the minimalists in your life?



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