8 Versatile Pieces to Make Your Fall Wardrobe Seem Bigger

Since I’m a minimalist that loves clothes and all things fashion, I find myself using every trick in the book to make my wardrobe seem bigger & last longer. My biggest fear (which feels dumb, even now) is that someone will say “didn’t you just wear that?” but with these pieces, I (and you!) can throw all fears aside! These pieces are my tried & true clothing items that will make you feel like you have a closet the size of Jennifer Garner’s in Thirteen Going on Thirty. They are comfy, warm, and basic pieces that are on trend & can be adjusted to stay true to your style.

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  1. Fitted Turtleneck – I love turtlenecks and I wear them as much as possible in the fall! This one is thin enough to be appropriate on those warmer fall days but also can easily be layered with sweaters or other shirts without all the heat & sweatiness multiple layers may create.
  2. Jean Jacket – I got mine at a vintage shop in Paris (though ironically enough it’s Wrangler, made in the USA) and I always feel on point wearing it. Jean jackets are perfect for the temperamental fall weather but also have the power of dressing down outfits that feel just a little too fancy. Jean jackets also have the incredible power of making any outfit feel just a little cooler.
  3. Ankle Boots – These low-heeled ankle boots are by far my best purchase of the season. The heel height means you can walk forever and the pointed toe and simple finish means they go well with a party dress or ripped jeans.
  4. Large sweater – not only do large sweaters disguise any food babies you may be carrying, they also serve as a fantastic way to tone down fun base layers or add just a bit of extra warmth. Bonus points if it has fun zippers to show a little more of the plaid shirt underneath!
  5. Trench Coat – If you don’t have a trench coat…you are missing out! There are very few things on this blog I will say are “must buys” but a trench coat is one I highly recommend. I got mine for Christmas a couple years ago (originally purchased from Amazon) and it cost around $40. Besides all the compliments I get on it, trench coats have the power to transform an outfit from simple and laid back to polished and ready to go!
  6. Plaid Shirt – Nothing new here, but the plaid shirt is such a warm & adorable way to show a little bit of color or pattern to a neutral sweater or cardigan. They allow your everyday sweaters to go the distance by adding a little something extra.
  7. Black Mini Skirt – I saw a lot of mini skirts in Paris and I felt really inspired! This one is a skirt I try to get away with wearing as much as possible because the elastic waistband makes it flattering yet comfortable during those holiday dinners while the neutral color pairs well with any fun pair of leggings. The wool material of this skirt makes it very versatile transitioning to any season.
  8. Long sheer white shirt – I hate the feeling of walking by someone and thinking that they’re looking at my butt, but I feel so much more comfortable knowing I have a long skirt covering my backside. Not only that, but a long, semi-sheer top goes great under those large sweaters, or to add a bit more polish to a work outfit.

What versatile pieces do you love this season?



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  1. This post is awesome! So helpful too! I’ve been trying to not buy clothes unless I know I will get a lot of use out of them and avoid buying the same things, so this helps!!

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