Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Buying for guys can sometimes be the worst. Like, it would be cool for him to have that thing but he may never actually use it. Every gift you see is almost there, but not quite. Does anyone else feel this way? WELL, I asked Evan to put together a gift guide for guys that will aid you in your quest for the perfect Christmas gift!

  1. Cashmere Sweater
  2. Drone
  3. Minimal Key Ring
  4. Travel Backpack
  5. Airpods
  6. Lego Set: Skyline, VW Bus, Millennium Falcon
  7. Wallet
  8. Eno Hammock
  9. Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Days of Wonder
  10. Smartwatch
  11. Kindle Paperwhite
  12. Overnight Duffel
  13. Concert Tickets
  14. Massage

What gifts do you think are home runs for guys?











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