10 Tips for Fall Shopping

Too Polished Ten Tips for Fall Shopping

Alright, so I love fall. To defend my “basic girl” tendencies it is the season of my birthday, warm drinks, fairs, and scary movies. Can you really blame me?

It’s also the season of sweaters and boots, family, and pre-Christmas shopping. I always feel the urge to buy a ton of sweaters, scarves, and other warm things to prepare for the season, even though the temps don’t drop here in Georgia until January (MAYBE). But I’m the fearless gal that will wear suede boots in 85 degree weather because it IS Autumn, after all.

Going into a new season can be daunting when you’re trying to keep your closet as minimal as possible. Since this is my first fall season as a minimalist trying to keep shopping at bay, I thought I would send some tips your way to inspire you to spend more consciously and purchase pieces that you will love and wear on repeat for the season.

  1. Set a Limit. Give yourself a set amount of things you can buy for yourself this season and stick to it.
  2. Make a List. Sit down, look over Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds that inspire you. Even better, if you know what store’s you’re going to, take a look at their online inventory and make note of the items that stick out to you. This will keep you from being overwhelmed when you’re in the store and focused on the pieces that really speak to you, not impulse buys.
  3. Give Yourself a Reward. Once you’ve set your limit and stuck to your list, set aside money each week and buy yourself something real fancy that will make yourself feel like a superstar. OR if you’re still wanting to maintain the minimalist vibe and realize you’re good with what you’ve got, then treat yo self to a fancy dinner, concert, or something that will really add value to your life that you’ve been putting off.
  4. Pick a Color Palett. To make sure your new wardrobe contains pieces that you can mix and match all season long, set a color pallet that inspires you and makes you feel confident af wherever you are.
  5. Buy Secondhand. So maybe you’re not interested in minimizing your wardrobe or you’re interested in shifting your style. A great way to save money and experiment with new styles and pieces is to buy secondhand. My favorite places to shop previously loved items is the Poshmark app (where I sell my clothes, too) and The Real Real. These sites are great because they save you money and you aren’t contributing to fast fashion.
  6. ALWAYS Try It On. You should be picky about everything you buy and refuse to “make it work” if something fits slightly off. You should feel amazing in everything you put on, so trying prospective clothing items on is a MUST. If you absolutely love something that doesn’t fit quite right, then consider shelling out additional cash to get it tailored. If it’s a piece you absolutely love then it will be worth it.
  7. Give Yourself Time. Don’t try to get all your shopping done in just a few hours on a Saturday (but if you can be that efficient, you do you). Go at a time when you can really look at everything and try things on. Sometimes if you’re on the fence about an item it helps to leave the store and see if you’re still thinking about it later. If yes, it may be worth the purchase. If no, then you can leave it and spend your hard earned money on a piece you will obsess over.
  8. Think About Wear-Ability. Consider whether this piece will go with other things in your closet. As a rule of thumb, I always think about 5 different ways I can wear a piece. If I can’t wear it that many ways, then I don’t buy it.
  9. Save Your Money! Check sites like RetailMeNot and ShopItToMe to check sales and coupons. You should always look for quality but if you could save an extra 20%, why not?
  10. Don’t Underestimate Accessories. Adding accessories is an easy way to update your favorite outfits. You can also use them to experiment with trends that you’re unsure about. Accessories are also typically less expensive and take up less space, so they’re a small closet dream!

I hope you found some use out of these tips and they can help you prepare a little better for shopping this season!

What tips do you live by to keep from over-spending and keeping a small closet when it comes to a new season?

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