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This outfit was really fun to shoot because I actually made this skirt from this tutorial from Elizabeth Bryson on Youtube. It was a fairly easy sewing project (I still consider myself very much a beginner) and it took approximately 4 hours of careful work. Recommendations for this skirt if you plan to make one:

  • Try to draft a pattern first if you can. Thankfully I got some extra fabric so I was still able to make the skirt, but I originally measured incorrectly and the skirt came together just below my crotch. Nope, not ok.
  • I’m not entirely sure where I went wrong with the waist-tie measurements, but one tie came out muuuuch longer than the other. Because my fabric has a vibrant pattern it’s hard to tell, but it bugs me a little. My tie on the left side of the skirt goes through a button hole on the right side of the skirt, and then I wrap that tie around the back of my waist to make sure the skirt is secure. So next time I will make the tie opposite the button hole longer.
  • Don’t use a satin-like material. Unless you’re brave or ignorant, like me. The roll hem was tough with this material and it isn’t very pretty when you look closely. Not a huge issue since most people are like “wow! what a nice pattern and cute skirt!” and less like “omg, did you see that rolled hem? Just terrible.” I would recommend a jersey-type material in the future (which I definitely may do) which is overall easier to work with. I just couldn’t resist this pattern though. The colors! The butterflies!
  • Not ideal for windy places. This skirt comes apart big time when it comes to wind. I was walking down a flight of stairs and boom, less glamorous Marilyn Monroe moment. It’s just something to be aware of but not a deal-breaker for me.

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with how this project turned out. Did I mention I also sewed a pin in the waistband so I can’t really get it out? Yeah, I did that. You live and you learn. This skirt was pretty easy with some good planning and I always get a ton of compliments on it and it’s always more satisfying to say “Thanks! I MADE it!” It’s also satisfying to know it wasn’t made in a sweatshop, so whatever your motivation is works for me.

I will be updating the blog with more sewing projects soon and sharing what I learned. Do you have any favorite simple sewing projects?



Top: Tobi | Skirt: Tutorial, fabric JoAnn | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bag: Lo & Sons | Earrings: American Eagle (similar)

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  1. I really like this post. The skirt and fabric are beautiful (you too BTW). You do give good tips also; if I ever decide to go for it I’m sure they will be useful. -Dominique

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