Too Polished White After Labor Day

September 5, 2017

Too Polished White After Labor Day

Too Polished White After Labor Day

Too Polished White After Labor Day

I love the color white. It is so beautiful and simple and it goes with everyone and just about everything. So Labor Day being a thing of the past this year will not stop me from wearing these comfortable and perfect white shorts from Old Navy (but really, has it ever stopped me?). Who knew Old Navy had such great basics? Not me.

I love halter top type pieces because I really like my shoulders and they make me feel so confident. This chambray piece fits wonderfully and goes with anything. One downside to this top is that it has a tendency to wrinkle (as you can see from some of the photos) but that’s not a big deal to me.

This Lo & Sons bag though! I may have to do a separate post just about it. It is the perfect cognac color, and has so many pockets for me to organize my things. The leather is so incredibly soft and its simple design goes well for casual and more fancy outfits.

Top: Old Navy (no longer available) | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Steve Madden | Purse: Lo & Sons | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Do you wear white after Labor Day?



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